Fan control on Linux for Linux/Windows Dual Boot with Helios 300

hendrik91 Member Posts: 6 New User
I have set up my Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop with a Windows/Linux Dual Boot. Everything works fine, however one aspect massively bothers me. It does not seem like there is any way to control the fan speed from Linux (I have tried on Ubuntu and various Manjaro versions). The only "trick" is to change the fan speeds on Windows (e.g. to max) with the pre-installed PredatorSense App, and then boot into Linux where the (e.g. max) fan speed will be kept. This does not seem like a good solution. Unfortunately, there is no PredatorSense app for Linux.

Therefore, I'd like to ask this community:

1. Is there any way to work around this issue? Is there any way to unlock the fan controls for other operating systems, in particular Linux? 
2. Has anyone been able to control fan speeds on Linux with a different Acer laptop (than Acer Predator Helios 300)?

Many thanks in advance for any advice! It would be greatly appreciated.