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Acer Predator XB271HK 30-bits color

DenisDGDenisDG Posts: 14Member


I have Acer Predator XB271HK working with NVidia GTX 1060 videocard on Windows 10 x64. As noted on monitor's page, it has capability to display 30-bits color (1.07 Billion Colors, 10-bits per color channel). But I can't set this mode.
I talked to Microsoft support to make sure that Windows 10 has no any limitations on this parameter. They reported no limitations.
I talked to NVidia support to make sure my videocard can output 30-bits color. They said that with latest NVidia Studio drivers everything should work fine.
NVidia support recommended my to query Acer support to make sure the monitor actually can display 30-bits color. 
I digged a little bit deeper and find that each modern monitor has built-in memory with information for videocard and OS called EDID. I found an application that can read monitor's EDID and find out that my monitor reports only 8 bits per color capability.
Do I have broken monitor or Acer posted wrong information in monitor's Technical Information page?

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  • DenisDGDenisDG Posts: 14Member


    Ok, I looked to some threads around this forum and find that Acer doesn't hurry to answer customers questions...
    Dear community, please respond in this thread those who use Acer Predator XB271HK! Let's find out the truth about our monitors!
  • DenisDGDenisDG Posts: 14Member


    Finally, with the help of Acer's support, we find out the correct information about color depth on Acer Predator. There are a few models with similar model number, but different part number:
    1. Model on the Acer's site in product description pages:
    Model Name: XB271HK bmiprz
    Part Number: UM.HX1AA.002
    It announces us unbelievable 1.07 billion of color depth. Russian Acer support said that this model is not sold anymore. It's a main reason to say that Acer lies to it customers!

    2. The same model with 1.07 billions color depth, but slightly different model number and another Part. number:
    Model Name: XB271HK (without the postfix "bmiprz")
    Part Number: MM.T4UEE.004

    3. And finally our model, that all we have. Of coarse without 10-bits color depth. Still sold in shops:
    One on the russian Acer's site (maybe you find it on other sites, it's model I have), just no any information about color depth on a page:
    Model Name: XB271HK (on my monitor's back shield I have both model numbers, one under another: XB271HK  and  XB271HK bmiprz under it)
    Part Number: UM.HX1EE.001

    So I don't know if 4k displays with 1.07 billion color really exist in Acer Predator line, but I still think that having numerous models with the same model code and very different characteristics (I think that color depth is one of the main characteristics of monitor) is a shame for Acer. It misleads customers. In future I will think twice to buy another Acer product!

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