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Not quite Play of the Game but...

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I have horrible aim, which is why I generally play Mercy or Moira as support in Overwatch, but sometimes things like this happen and they fill me with joy :lol:

Genji thought he was all slick and uh, ninja, but I heard his footsteps :P

I messed up the Ana nade combo but that sleep dart was on point! :+1:  Good thing the rest of the team were able to follow through and they finished him off after his dash.


  • joseljosel Member Posts: 10


    MORE  PEW PEW'ing...  this time, horrible Mercy main aim :D

    I really like Overwatch's new role queue.  I don't have to solo heal 5 DPS comps anymore and people are generally better at their roles so I experience less roflstomps and matches are more even.
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    I generally switch to Brigitte if Tracer is being annoying, and she was being extra annoying in this game.  But in this instance we also needed the added damage from Discord Orb so I swapped to Zenyatta, which is usually the #1 target for Tracers but because I generally can't hit the broad side of a barn with a shotgun, I thought it would be best to give my teammates the chance to DPS more.  I'd have to say I held her off quite well for most of the round.

    And it was working, until three from the enemy team ganged up and dove me :skull:  
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