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Please help!! (Acer Predator G6-710) Can't replace HDD

UnconqueredUnconquered Posts: 10Member



Trying to replace one Seagate Barracuda for another.

I can't for the life of me figure out how I'm supposed to get the HDD out of the HDD bay in this tiny cramped machine lol.  I'm attaching some photos.   The back interior screw is almost flush with the motherboard, what kind of tool am I supposed to use to get that out of there?  Also I have a real fear of taking off the front panel, as the one time I did to clean (very cautiously and properly) I somehow broke the connection to the starter button and had to take it in for two weeks to be diagnosed and soldered, and am very hesitant to trust taking anything off that I may not need to, as this machine has clearly showed me many times it's  not very well put together.

I also considered just removing the HDD bay, but I can't as there's this wire clip there holding everything in place, and due to the positioning of the video card and the CPU fan, there's no way I can get leverage on it to remove it from the HDD bay without risking breaking something.

I am not a hardware technician, and was told by the guys at the store (who know what computer I have) that this would be easy, but does this look like something I need to go pay $150 for someone to do?



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  • brummyfan2brummyfan2 Posts: 13,702ACE Trailblazer
    1. Disconnect Power and Data cables from HDD modules.

    2.Disconnect Data cable from the main board.

    3.Release the cables from the clip(green) slowly one by one.

    4.Remove 3 screws securing the HDD bracket to the chassis.

    5.Slide the HDD bracket out of the chassis and remove 8 screws, pull out the HDD to replace. 


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  • UnconqueredUnconquered Posts: 10Member


    Hi Brummyfan2,

    Thank you very much, that's a very good visual guide on how to do that.  My only issue looking at this, is that my GPU can't really be removed, as it wasn't entirely suited for my case and the guys at the computer store just kind of 'made it fit' apparently.  They didn't really explain how lol, so I'm very, very hesitant to remove it.  There's maybe a cm clearing between the end of the GPU and the HDD bay, do you think I could still safely do all of this and leave it in place?

    Thank you again
  • billseybillsey Posts: 8,055ACE Trailblazer
    Yes, the drive bay pulls straight out once those three screws are removed (I typically use a magnetic screwdriver on that one deep in) so shouldn'y interfere with the GPU at all.
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