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Why does my Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431 keep freezing up and shut down unexpectedly?

RaaanRaaan Posts: 1Member New User
I bought this product a while back, but within 2-3 weeks I'd realised it started repeating the same 'glitch'. The laptop would freeze up and become unresponsive, this would then be followed by an automatic power-down - sometimes I'd try to shut it down myself but it wouldn't respond, but other times I just waited the 2-10 minutes until it restarted itself. 
However, given that this happened within the exchange period, I exchanged the product for a new one, but this glitch persisted. 

I understand that my workload and subsequent use of the laptop does vary and that this may be the issue, but what I've found the most 'odd' about this glitch is that I know others who have the same product, have owned it for longer, and use it similarly, but yet have never experienced this glitch. 

I'm really enjoying the product other than this major issue, any help would be appreciated


FAQ & Answers

  • IshyIshy Posts: 143Ally
    Hi, @Raaan There are multiple issues that could be happening.
    1) If you have the chrome browser opened up and running multiple tabs at the same time might cause the freeze issue.  
    2) Check if this happens when you have specific app running on the device each time it freezes. 
    3) You can try the following Troubleshooting methods and test if it still persists.

    Reset Chrome browser:
    1) Go to settings and scroll all the way below.
    2) Clicked Advanced.
    3) Find the option restore settings to their original defaults and click it.

    Try Power wash: This will remove all data and reset the entire device.
    1) Press ESC+REFRESH+POWER button together for 5 seconds.
    2) Then turn on the device after you will see chrome os has been corrupted msg.
    3) Please click Ctrl+D then press Enter then press space then press enter which will disable and re-enable the security on the device which will erase all data. 
    4) Once complete please, Setup the device and test if it helps.

    There are other ways to refresh please check the link below for more options.

    If I was helpful, please accept my answer. Thanks.
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