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What is wrong with my Acer Predator 17 when the battery won't charge but laptop works plugged in?


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  • JackEJackE Posts: 19,301ACE Trailblazer
    Just by re-seating the connector a half-dozen or so times. Re-seat = (Pull it out)+(Push it back in). 8^) Jack E/NJ
    Jack E/NJ
  • Vonduck1Vonduck1 Posts: 4Member New User
    Since unplugging the battery in have had no issues with random shutdowns... treating it like a desktop now... not the best solution but one i can live with
  • JackEJackE Posts: 19,301ACE Trailblazer
    Well, like said before, it's probably either the connector or an internal battery short. Time to try a new battery now. 8^) Jack E/NJ
    Jack E/NJ
  • HadesDXHadesDX Posts: 1Member New User
    Vonduck1 said:
    Since unplugging the battery in have had no issues with random shutdowns... treating it like a desktop now... not the best solution but one i can live with
    I have the same problem, it looks like the battery management system died, and it damage the motherboard, mi battery cells are practically new, but BMS is fried. I removed the battery, and using it as a portable mini pc with screen :/. At least its lighter now ....
  • axaaxa Posts: 4Member New User
    DJRicoche said:
    axa said:
    This has also happened to me. The battery no longer charges and I think it is interfering with my graphics. In the nvidia control panel I am no longer given the option to prioritize gpu and my computer is attempting to force to run some games with the cpu which is resulting in blank screens. It's weird and can be temporarily fixed by disabling either the gpu or cpu but I do not consider this a real fix. Both problems happened around the same time and I thought it was a windows update messing with my graphics but I'm leaning toward the battery issue.

    I tried everything to fix the battery problem, so I am certain that the battery is dead. I also am not impressed with Acer over this and my next laptop will be from another company.

    I am trying to figure out what I am supposed to purchase. What is the battery called?
    A replacement battery pack solved the problem of not charging and was easy to replace.

    Hey guys,

    My battery suddenly seems to have broken too. Like others, when unplugging the AC power cord the laptop shuts down. Even though there's a 100% charged battery with no warnings in the device manager. Acer Care center shows the battery's condition as good.

    I've gone to the effort of dissembling the laptop to reach the battery. Where I gave it the middle finger, unplugged the connector to the motherboard and then reconnected it. Nothing... The switch looking thing next to the RAM module and cover thing look fine to me (I think, see pictures)

    Does it look alright? I haven't opened it in a reasonably amount of time so I'm not sure how it could break or wear down all of a sudden if it isn't okay.

    Where did you buy the replacement battery from @DJRicoche? Is it performing as the original (before the issues of course).

    Mine is turning three years old coming this summer. If more and more people report issues akin to this with similarly aged machines I really think it is unacceptable and we should seek compensation for a product that isn't fit for prupose under consumer laws tbh.

    @axa what you detail about the laptop unable to determine with some programs whether to use dgpu or igpu is what I've had in the last couple of months with Epic Games Launcher games, Nvidia Shadowplay etc. But my battery issue only cropped up in the last week. Do you really think they are related? I never would of put two and two together like that :S Always thought it was really poor optimus drivers from Acer/Nvidia.

    Mine is also randomly shutting down now even while plugged in.

    Also, I did a complete manufacture reset on the laptop. It did not fix the battery issue at all. I did every other previous suggestion. Battery is dead. Acer trying to scam me 700 dollars to 'fix' the laptop.
  • axaaxa Posts: 4Member New User
    Vonduck1 said:
    Hi chaps, been following this thread for a while trying to sort my problem out with the Acer Predator G791..
    In my efforts have reset the battery - fail... bought new battery and installed - fail... bought new PSU x 2 - fail....still continually get the "available, plugged in, charging" but no charge of course...

    I am taking out the battery today and leaving it out as it randomly shuts down my PC when for some reason the PC thinks it is using battery power...a critical sign shows up and shutdown...

    Not long ago i re applied thermal paste to all my surfaces...bought down the temperatures well... but this confounded problem still exists... i am in Mexico and i am loathed to take the machine to a store here for repairs...

    Bought this acer in 2016 form new...very surprised it is malfunctioning so quickly!
    Happening to me, also.
  • lordirfan99lordirfan99 Posts: 2Member New User
    my problem started 9months ago when the battery starting to die... I do everything with software solution but still didn't resolve the problem. just ordering new battery hoping it will resolve the problem. will update later... so disappointed with this laptop.. the so call `gaming laptop` that fail in term of durability
  • lordirfan99lordirfan99 Posts: 2Member New User
    *UPDATE* after changing the battery, the battery problem solved .. and the old battery looks like bloated. 
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