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Acer BIOS/CMOS reset possible ???

NiksaNiksa Posts: 2Member New User
Hello my dear friends.

In a few days I'm going on work, for a several months I will not be at home and I will have limited access to internet. Of course that's the perfect time to things go the wrong way and it happened with my laptop that I use both for entertainment and work.

On my Acer Aspire V17 Nitro (black edition) I had installed dual systems, Windows 10 and Ubuntu. For some reason, which is not important now, Ubuntu got corrupted and I wanted to reinstall it, but there real problem arose - BIOS requires password. Of course I never set any password for BIOS, but I had it for my Windows 10. To shorten the story, I tried to reset password with those unlock codes, but nothing worked and my BIOS settings are all locked except user password input. So I cannot do anything. Windows 10 is running Ok, but I need Ubuntu.

I checked on internet for information, but unfortunately I couldn't find solution. One thing I didn't try is to reset BIOS/CMOS. I do not want to disassemble laptop in order to take CMOS battery out, looks too complicated. But I see that on the bottom cover there is a small hole with battery icon near it and I assume that it has something to do with CMOS reset? Does somebody have experience with this and can I solve my issue with this?


I didn't contacted Acer support service yet, if something like that exist at all, since I'm discouraged after reading about other people experience.


  • NiksaNiksa Posts: 2Member New User
    Solved problem by finding better instructions how to input unlock code.
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