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Install and boot Android x86 from microsd slot on Switch Alpha 12

ksd11ksd11 Posts: 1Member New User
Good Day

I am hoping someone out there can assist me or at least point me to an online resource that can help me.

I am trying to set up my Acer Switch Alpha 12 to boot to Windows from the HDD that came with the device and also boot to Android x86 when I want to from the micro sd card slot. I attempted to install Android x86 on a card but the installation would not see the card at all. I troubleshot and researched online. I found posts where persons spoke about having to partition the card a certain way, other post that spoke to installing RTS5129/RTS5139 drivers and others that said you have to do something else etc. I have not found any information that explicitly says it cannot be done.

I have tried most of what I have research to no avail.

The last thing I did was to see if by using Rufus and created a bootable Linux Mint CD on the SD card, if the F12 Boot Menu would see it and boot from it. It was not listed in the boot menu. I tried doing a bootable GParted live CD and @active boot disk but none of them were listed when I hit F12 to see the boot menu.

This leads me to think I cannot boot from the micro SD card but I have seen articles online that says you can boot from a SD card. However, I noted that when I changed my boot type from UEFI to legacy, I no longer was able to boot from my HDD. And when I set it back to UEFI, I was able to boot again. This may mean nothing or it may mean that I have to create a UEFI bootable, if that is a thing. I would have to research more on that.

So what I want to know from someone who is far more knowledgeable than me is whether what I want to do will never work because of a limitation of the card reader hardware in the Switch Alpha 12 or whether is a Bios/motherboard limitation? Or if it can work, what steps am I missing.

I know this is an Acer forum and I am trying to install Android x86 but if booting from the micro sd card is not possible period, then it would save me from wasting any more time on this. Spent my whole weekend on this already.

So basically I need to know, whether a) it will never work because of the hardware etc. or b) it can work but you are doing so and so wrong or here go to this page etc., for more info.

Thanks in advance


FAQ & Answers

  • The SA12 uses a UEFI boot from BIOS and doesn't support booting from an SD card. You could probably get things working as you wish with a USB flash drive, but not with the SD card.
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