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Aspire ES 15 camera poor video quality problem

Magdalena-MMagdalena-M Posts: 2Member

Hi everyone!I bought my Acer Aspire ES 15 ES1-521-62WL 2 days ago, windows 10 is already updated, and the camera has very poor quality, I really don't think it is just like this, as my 10 year old Acer has better video quality than this one. I would like to know if I need to instal something like acer crystal eye or any drivers? Couldn't find any info about this on the official Acer website. Anyone? Any help much appreciated.

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  • Acer-MaryAcer-Mary Posts: 871Acer Crew Acer Crew

    If the quality is so poor that you cannot view video and you have checked all settings in the software you are using, there may be a problem with the camera itself which would require repair. Please contact your Acer service location from this link:



  • woodmansey1woodmansey1 Posts: 3Member

    Hi, I have exactly the same issue. Did you manage to sort it out?

  • faithpowerfaithpower Posts: 1Member

    hI, WE'VE GOT THE same problem! I bought my Acer Aspire ES 14 ,2 days ago, windows 10 is already updated, and the camera has very poor quality, I really don't think it is just like this, as my 4 year old Acer has better video quality than this one.HELP Anyone? PLEASE!


  • woodmansey1woodmansey1 Posts: 3Member

    Hi, If you find the solution could you please let me know. I tried but failed to sort out the issue. I suspect its a software issue rather than a camera fault. I gave up in the end and used my Samsung tablet for skype calls 100% better picture quality than my Acer.

    Good Luck!  

  • Magdalena-MMagdalena-M Posts: 2Member


    This is what happened. I thought my laptop was faulty so I gave it back and bought another one (exactly the same model) hoping the camera will work better but it was just the same. Unfortunately, I was told that the camera in this model has poor quality and actually nothing can be done, which I couldn't believe as my 7 years old Acer had way better picture quality...so I gave up and I exchanged it for another model Aspire F15, which finally works better for me. Sorry to tell you, but as far as I know there is actually no solution.

    Best of luck!

  • woodmansey1woodmansey1 Posts: 3Member

    Many thanks for taking the time to respond.

    It's hard to believe that Acer would release a product with such a poor camera which is not just poor quality but unusable. 

    The Acer customer support asked me to try several fixes which did help marginally but still extremely poor quality. 

    Think this will be my first and last Acer product.



  • Acer-KarpAcer-Karp Posts: 2,050Acer Crew Acer Crew

    We are sorry you are experiencing this issues.

    If you are unable to resolve the problem with the Acer drivers on our website, then we recommend the unit be sent in for service.

    Please contact Acer Repair Center in your region.


    Find your region in the link below.


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  • william34william34 Posts: 2Member

    Cameras in laptops are generally used as web cam for VDO calling purpose and not for photography. And will be inconvenient to take pics using laptop camera. Also for VDO calls picture size must be at lower side for live VDO. And high quality VDO transfer over the network will add lag in live VDO. 
    In short - there is no need of high quality (web) cameras in laptop.

  • Sharee99Sharee99 Posts: 1Member New User
    edited November 2017
    I also have a 1 month old Aspire es15   Made a video today, that I need to do from time to time, and the quality of the camera is so BAD that it is unusable, which is a concern as the videos are for my job.  The picture is almost pixilating and the sound also is not good, and I was using a headset with mic.   It is really not fit for purpose.  As far as I know, all drivers are up to date.  Is there anything I can do to rectify this as I need a webcam on my computer that can take usable videos.     
    And please don´t suggest I send it for service..  I need a computer for my job, I work from home, and I just purchased this one as a replacement for one that died.   No computer and I have no job.    At around a month old it should be in full working condition. 
  • eamo1eamo1 Posts: 3Member New User
    its a problem with windows 10! my cam was working fine with good quality, untill the last update, now the picture is awful, when you open camera app and click settings the quality is now only vga! and in device manager it shows as vga camera, try and install the acer drivers and it just said windows has determined the driver installed it better, which is dated 2006! acer, windows you need to sort this i use my laptop for video calls to my parents who live abroad and now cant as the quality is so bad
  • eamo1eamo1 Posts: 3Member New User
    i have an acer asire es1-572
  • ssukurullassukurulla Posts: 1Member New User
    camera was not working or detacted in acer Aspire ES 15
  • sarksark Posts: 2Member New User
    I had the same problems with an awful grainy camera, tried reinstalling drivers which didn’t help. It certainly didn’t need repaired, mine is a brand new Aspire 7 laptop but the camera was terrible and meant to be 720HD. After a LOT of googling threads in forums like this and trying everything the only thing that actually did work was doing a proper reinstall of windows without the bloatware. I used this link, kept all my files and programs and went to check my camera and the picture is now entirely clear. I realise re-installing windows can feel drastic for some but it was the only thing that gave me a working picture on my Acer webcam. I can only surmise that the settings are wrong because of what they bloat the installation with. 

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