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Black screen on my TM7730 G

HensedrengHensedreng Posts: 3Member New User
when i start up my pc window lights up as usual, but after a few seconds it goes black (backlight still on though). If i want to see what im doing i have to connect to other screen I know its an old machine and i changed the hard drive to Samsung SSD. After that it was like getting a new machine, but alas - now i suspect my graphics card to die (Radeon hd3400) can i modify or simply change it...
im a bit in the wilderness and i dont know how to aproach this issue....

FAQ & Answers

  • billseybillsey Posts: 5,972ACE Pathfinder
    Which OS are you running on it? If it's new enough try a Windows-P key combo then change output screens. It might just think you always want the second screen only, even when there isn't a second screen connected. I'm assuming you see the normal POST stuff when booting, and if you go into the BIOS is stays OK?
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