On Chromebook Tab 10 connecting Bluetooth keyboard disables "auto-rotate" ...

MarkLeglerMarkLegler Member Posts: 1 Newbie
On Chromebook Tab 10 connecting a 1on One Bluetooth keyboard disables "auto-rotate" and switches the tablet to Portrait mode, making the keyboard useless. 

It would make sense: 
- if it got stuck in Landscape mode, that being the way it's oriented when somebody tries to use a keyboard, or
- if auto-rotate just kept working

This almost has to be due to a recent system update, as it's been working fine with this keyboard until today. I already tried a Powerwash but it didn't make any difference. 

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  • Rudy21Rudy21 ACE Posts: 1,649 Pathfinder

    As per what you have mentioned it looks like an issue with the update. You can try the below steps to check if it works if not you would have to wait until a new update releases from google.

    > open chrome browser and type Chrome://flags
    > search for viz and disable this feature. Once done restart your chromebook and check.

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  • nickmajor81nickmajor81 Member Posts: 3 New User
    i had the same problem, but found that setting my rotation to 270 degrees, you could go back to using the device in landscape mode.
  • raf69raf69 Member Posts: 1 New User
    edited November 2018
    hello, I have the same behavior on this material. when I connect a keyboard or mouse (bluetooth or wired), the display is blocked in protrait mode.
    whether in stable channel 70 or beta 71.
    I tried a powerwash, it does not change.
    rudy21 : I'll try your answer tonight
    rotation at 270 has no impact on the mouse that behaves as if it were portrait
  • Pssst3Pssst3 Member Posts: 44 Devotee
    edited November 2018
     It's not just usb-connected wireless mice  and keyboards.  It's any periperals that use USB or Bluetooth.

    This is an known issue caused by bad code common to Bluetooth and USB. Google is working on it.
    Until there's a fix, there are reliable work arounds, both PITA.

    With a keyboard, use the screen rotate shortcut <shift> + <ctrl> + refresh (Curved arrow) 
    Each time you want to use tablet mode, disable Bluetooth, unplug all USB devices, reboot your Chromebook (power cycle). Sign in. You can use a capacitive stylus. 
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