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Aspire R14 Touchscreen Problem

alenziealenzie Posts: 5Member New User
I've had my R14 for about a year and am very happy with it overall, but the touchscreen has started acting up recently. It sometimes goes mad and looks as if a ghost is tapping all over it really fast! If the background was a picture of a lake, you would think it's animated and rain is falling on the water surface. The tap marks appear really fast and all over the screen, but they're more concentrated around the edges. It gets almost impossible to use the keyboard and/or the touchpad as the "taps" cancel every command/click before you can complete it. I have to shut down the laptop manually and power it on again to fix it, but this has been happening more often over the past week and I'm now concerned because the manual reset is affecting my data and my hard disk. Any suggestions?

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  • alenzie 

    Did this happen after recent windows update?
    Also, check if you have installed any new application before this issue?
    I don't think this is a hardware issue with the touch screen since the problem goes away if I restart the PC. 

    Please the below mentioned troubleshooting steps:  
    First do a power reset, Press hold the power button for 10 seconds, disconnect the charger. Insert a paperclip into the hole and press for four seconds to reset the computer. it simulates removing and reinstalling the battery. Connect the charger and power On the device to check the issue.

    You can use the troubleshooting feature of Windows 10 to solve the ghost touch screen issues.  
    Open the press Win + X key to open the Control Panel > Select Troubleshooting > Click Hardware and Sound > Select Hardware and Devices to open a new dialog > Click Next and Windows 10 will detect and repair the problem automatically. 

    Also, try to calibrate the touchscreen. Use shortcut keys Win + X to open the Control Panel > Select the Tablet PC Settings > Choose Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input > Click the button Calibrate > Then click Reset. 

    Post back the results and we will assist you further.

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  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,923ACE Pathfinder
    edited February 2018
    Open Device Manager > Display Adapters. Right click on the adapter and select the Driver tab. Dies it match your display adapter ? If it says "Microsoft" that has been knows to cause odd problems.
  • alenziealenzie Posts: 5Member New User
    Thanks, Sharanji. Troubleshooting didn't show anything and I'd already done the calibration. I'll wait and see if I can find any pattern in when this happens. Will post back then.
  • alenziealenzie Posts: 5Member New User
    Sorry I didn't see your answer there, padgett. The driver is the right one- not a generic Microsoft driver.
  • alenziealenzie Posts: 5Member New User
    Okay, so I'm back...as confused as last time (if not more!) The ghost taps problem persists and there is absolutely no pattern at all. It could happen any time between 5 minutes and 2 hours after powering up, in any position (on a flat table, on my lap, on my chest while I'm lying down!), in both laptop and tablet modes, charging and not charging, when using an app, browsing or just sitting idle...totally random! The only noticeable thing is the ghost taps mostly happen along the two sides of the screen. I have mastered hitting Alt+F4 and Enter in less than a second because that's the only way to shut it down if you don't want to turn it off manually. If you take longer than a second, the random taps cancel out any command/window/mouse movement.

    And guess what! It happened again while I was typing this...to remind me to say that there is no pattern in the frequency either! Sometimes you restart the laptop and it doesn't happen for the rest of the day, sometimes it happens 5 minutes after a restart.

    I'm not too bad with computers myself but HELP! This is getting frustrating.

    p.s. I agree with Sharanji that this is likely NOT a hardware issue.
  • lisareneelisarenee Posts: 2Member New User
    edited January 9
    I am having the SAME issue. Often, it is impossible to restart, as the "blinking circle" opens various windows and desktop folders. Using the touch screen to "x" out of a program or file won't always work. It's random too - I can be working and the blinking circles start, or I can be away from the computer for 6+ hours, come back, and a window is open that I didn't open, and the circles are "blinking."  I read somewhere to close the keyboard and reopen it. If I haven't saved my work, I hate to do that. It's been happening for 6 months or so. I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one this happens to, but I'm also not happy that this is happening at all. Any recommendations are appreciated. 
    I have an Acer Aspire V5-573P-9660 Windows 10 Home, Version 1803 
  • lisareneelisarenee Posts: 2Member New User
    Can I disable the touch screen - and if I do, will it solve this problem? 
    This blinking circle is making it impossible to work, as it starts opening apps and documents and covering my screen in stuff I don't need opened. I have to try and shut it down but can't always get my work saved. Has anyone disabled their screen, and did it stop the ghosting circle problems? Thank you. 
  • dessidessi Posts: 2Member New User
    I have Acer aspire R14 laptop running Windows 10. I've had this machine for about 8 months now and have loved it.
    Over the last while now I've had an issue where I suddenly lose control of the mouse - the cursor starts jumping all over opening random things. I get the grey circles as when one touches the screen except they're popping up all over the place. I'll immediately shut everything down. When I reboot it doesn't show itself right off but eventually it returns. help plse???
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