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acer E14 E5-475G fan make weird grinding noise

nvincent_08nvincent_08 Posts: 4Member

december 2016, at the middle of december, i purchased a new acer e5-475g the kaby lake version, after using it for some couple days, the fan making some kind of grinding sound so i'm turning off my laptop then booting it up again, it gone. after several weeks of usage(almost 1 month approximately) it started making the same noise, but sometimes the sound of it is loud, sometimes not. it usually happened after i left my laptop on cold room at the table overnight, but that sound doesnt show up everyday, only several times. i don't know what's going on with my laptop, many people say it could cause/caused by overheat, but i don't think mine caused any of that or by any of that, because i usually use a cooling pad, which is cooler master notepal x3. i already checked some things such as checking the temperature, i also tried to feel the airflow, but i couldn't really feel the airflow, because almost the whole part is occupied by the copper heatsink, i tried to push the body at fan part a bit, and the fan noise louder if i do that, but after waiting several minutes usually the sound gone. can anyone please help me? or share your experience if this problem have ever occur to you? thanksSmiley Happy


acer E5-475G-53IQ


-i5-7200u 2.5ghz turbo to 3.1ghz

-4gb 2133mhz ddr4 ram

-nvidia geforce 940mx

-1tb toshiba hard drive

FAQ & Answers

  • TrukntiggerTrukntigger Posts: 256Member Mr. Fixit
    • Sounds like in your description that the fan rubbing chassis. To keep cost down they used plastic which flexes a bit too much for my liking but normally functional. I'd open it up and check the fan for alignment and screws snug.  Easy to do really.  Remove bottom screws, slide out DVD tray, 3 tiny screws under that. Remove ram cover, unplug speaker wire (near edge white connector) then start with video port side work bottom loose (snap locks so small flat screw driver to loosen) toward the DVD side.  Once bottom off you see everything including fan.  Examine close, remove and reseat it.  This whole procedure everyone basically needs to handle or have someone that can. Maintenance- depending on use and environment you need to blow out the dust (canned air) and redo thermal paste on CPU/GPU and lube fan.  The fan brushless but does require upkeep now and then but this soon sounds like blades rubbing chassis. If you suspect fan itself pull sticker and under can access center spin bearing/bushing and few drops of lite oil (3in1/sewing machine oil) to free it up. Let us know how it goes. 
  • BrandonLIMBrandonLIM Posts: 3Member

    God! I thought I'm the only one facing this problem. I bought in Jan of 2017, after one week, I realised this grinding sound!!! But mine is quite consistently since I turn on my laptop. I send to Acer service center malaysia 3 times! And what they replied me is they can't diagnose the problem with their system. I really frustrated with ACER! 

  • Deviant96Deviant96 Posts: 1Member

    This thread is what exactly happening to me right now. Same spesification, bought near end of November 2016.


    The fan is like it's wobbling, and yeah, it's rubbing the chassis as there's heavy marking on it. I'm using my own program to control the fan. The sound will be gone if only I set fan speed to 100%. The lower the heavier the sound. It's kind of annoying. Could you please post a video on how to do what you said? I'd much appreciate it Smiley Happy

  • cmdaiglecmdaigle Posts: 1Member New User
    Has this issue been solved?
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