Acer XV 15 heating issue

zzyzx0788 Member Posts: 2

I just got my Acer XV 15 laptop and while everything seems to be running pretty well, I've noticed that the laptop heats up pretty badly towards the back while I'm playing games.


Does anyone know of any fixes for this?


  • brummyfan2
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    It's normal to get high temps while playing games, however, you need to keep checking the temps with a monitoring tool like HWmonitor or similar utility. The CPU will shut down the laptop if it goes beyond the accepted level but if it rises above 85°C-90°, you need to take action to bring it down.


  • zzyzx0788
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    I literally just bought the computer and its already having bad and immediate issues overheating. Im trying to find out if theres a way to increase the fan or something


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  • Lawson
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    Ya, Id like to chime in here.  My new Acer with the i7 7700 hq is hitting temps of 95c when playing games like Overwatch...  This doesn't seem tenable in the long term.  

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    i cant enjoy the game if the laptop heat up  like this :'(

    this make me uncomfort because thinking the heats of the CPU Smiley Sad

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    have u tried using a good coolpad?


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    Cooling pad won't help when the fault is in the thermal paste.
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    Undervolt your CPU and cache voltage offset by -100mV.

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    I have also acer 15 but never faced this issue ever but I am watching that so many people are facing this issue so I will suggest you to see here for its guidance 
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    I also have acer and i work for 8hours daily on my project Muqeem visa and after it i play games like COD but didn't face any issue like this
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    I have also Acer 15 but never faced this issue ever but I am watching that so many people are facing this issue so I will suggest you see here for its guidance