ACER Aspire 7600U (All in One) to windows 10 - YES!

Sid246Sid246 Member Posts: 6

To all you 7600U owners,


The Beaut AIO 7600U PC, was never supported by ACER for upgrade to Win 10 (Not on their list).

I have started this post so owners can get straight to the relevent info. without having to search through 1 years worth of posts


This PC it appears only ever had ONE! issue (incompatible with Win 10). The NVidia Graphic's Driver.


This was recently FIXED with the release of a Driver Update from NVidia. Released about 29/12/16 (I think). I receieved it about end of January 2017. About six months after the end of the free offer.


But I can attest to the fact, of only the one issue. As I managed to install Win 10 on my PC 25/7/16 (just before the end). I have been running Win 10 since. With the onboard Intel graphic's and NVidia Disabled. Never had any issues with the PC. It has had all Win 10 updates even the big ones. With no issues. Was just a shame to not have NVidia (but I was hoping and waiting).


Then they Fixed it.




Those that managed to get Win 10 installed, running AND activated at MS (because my free copy did not auto activate after install, I had to phone them and they remotely did the activation. Don't know why). Should now have no problems reinstalling Win 10 if you not running already.


Those that did not get a free copy activated, you could try and contact MS appeal to their better nature and ask for a goodwill copy. For all the pain and suffering they caused with their free offer Win 10 App. That said your PC passed all the credentials, but would not install win 10. A cause of much lost time for many. Other than that I'm sure you know the only other options.


I just wanted to inform anyone who wants to know, that Win 10 does work well on this PC. I personaly am now perfectly happy with it.




PS Hope to add to this post later, with usefull info (I am out of time). Though it may not be required now with the NVIDIA Updated Driver

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  • Sid246Sid246 Member Posts: 6
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    You should be able to find the information you need, if any problems installing Win 10 at the end of this post.



    Section 11 at bottom, post/msgs 105? 106


    Also FORGOT to say if your purchasing Win10 now, you probably do not need any of the information provided. It is probably not required by anyone anymore. Since the issue has been fixed. But it is here just incase.

  • vakilsvakils Member Posts: 2 New User

    Has anyone installed Windows 10 successfully without any issues, workarounds? If so can please list steps.

  • padgettpadgett ACE Posts: 4,038 Pathfinder

    Only three key points:

    1) Have at least 16 GB of free disk space.

    2) Repetitively run Windows Update until no more updates are found (may take several runs). On one Win 7 machine it needed over 180 updates.

    3) Occasionally Microsoft would install the wrong driver. If for video on one tablet I had to select "High Contrast" (on bottom right of sign-in screen) before it would stop flashing


    Have probably upgraded a dozen different machines now of various sizes and vintages. Only other suggestion: if less than 4 GB ram, select the 32 bit version.

  • vakilsvakils Member Posts: 2 New User

    Thanks. I was able to install Windows 10 using media disk I created during free offer . This time I did not get any stop errors during installation. Everything is working except start menu, Cortana, and notifications. All installed apps are working. I had disabled video adapters. But they are enabled now during update. There was no activation issue.It displayed activated.   This is my 4th PC upgraded. Unless I can get start menu to work. It is of no use. It did work for a while tho. Any ideas before I revert back?

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