Motherboard specs for the Aspire TC-710

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I have recently purchased a Acer TC-710 from Curry's/PcWorld. Nowhere can I find the specs for the motherboard so I can see if I can add a sound card or even a SSD, I can also find no reference to the software(not the windows os) that is on the pc. I have spoken with Acer tech support(who have no idea) nor can I find any reference to the motherboard(mainboard) or software online. Can soneone help please? 


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    I can give you an example of the TC-710 in the link below.  Microcenter always has good specs.  The motherboard will be the same as yours, but obviously depending on your model, some installed components may not be the same.  The example below is pretty self explanatory except for the M.2 slots.  One of the M.2 slots has a form factor of "M.2 2230" and that's where your Wifi/Bluetooth module is installed.  The other M.2 slot has a form factor of "M.2 2280" and that's where you could install a SSD such as this example.


    The example in link below also shows it also has an available SATA 3 port (6Gbits/s) for an additional SSD or HDD.


    The motherboard is a custom Acer motherboard w/ Intel Skylake H110 chipset.


    Keep in mind, some TC-710 come with 300W power supply and some come with 220W power supply.  You'd probably have to get out the flashlight and look with the side panel off. (I usually have to get out the reading glasses too) Smiley Wink


    Example of TC-710:



    You can find more detailed info about your existing installed components with speccy or hwinfo:




    Edit:  If you're talking about UEFI/BIOS or drivers, then that is here.  You can also check the Acer Care Center application that came pre-installed on your computer.


    Edit2:  It's always a good idea to create a USB factory default recovery drive if you haven't already.



    Edit3:  The microcenter specs say it only supports 16 GB, but it actually supports 16 GB per memory slot for a total of 32 GB.


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    Thank you for your response. Much appreciated.

    I must say I am dissapointed that a company the size of Acer can't even include a motherboard manual or documents relating to the software supplied with the pc.


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    I'll update my post here since Microcenter updated their specs for accuracy.


    I orginally said the TC-710 had both an available SATA 3 port and an available M.2 slot for an SSD.  It apparently just has an available M.2 slot (SATA3 interface) for an SSD (example of M.2 SSD in link below). 





    I'm not an Acer employee.
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    I'm far more ticked off that a machine that is not absolutely bottom-end has only two drive ports... both of which are already in-use.


    They could easily have included the motherboard info on a download basis only. The fact that the support site lacks that info is bad.

    For most models, none of this is significant, but the TC case is bought SPECIFICALLY for its expandability. So the info needed to expand it -- along with the necessary drive ports -- should be included and/or readily available.

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    I agree with you. Simple process of choosing new RAM became an insoluble problem due to absence of motherload spec.

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    Feeling your pain.  I posted a question on here about two weeks ago asking if my TC-710 could support 32Gb RAM.


    Got no answer whatsoever, so I'm still none the wiser Smiley Sad

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    I can confirm my Acer Aspire TC710 support 32 GB RAM and it works great Smiley Happy


    I mounted this:


    Just make sure you have DDR3L type

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    What kind of processor woudl I be able to upgrade to on this machine?