Acer Veriton M265 Processor compatibility

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I'm new here. Ineed your help for my problem.
I have a Acer Veriton M265 motherboard with intel dual core E5400 3.00Ghz processor .
I need to upgrade the processor to a intel core 2 quad processor .
I'm confused with some opinions of my friends in above case.
I need to know which core 2 quad processor will work with better performance and will not cause any damage to my Mobo's chipset.
For ex. I heard that some processors with high cache like 12M will cause to damage mobo's chipset. So i'm bit of afraid to upgrade.
Anyhow, I need to know which core 2quad processor will compatible with my mobo that I mention before.
Thank you.


  • Hello,


    Could you give me the first ten characters of the computer serial number (S/N)? Only the first ten.

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    Where can I find it
    I tried to find that.
    Unfourtunatly I was Failed


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  • Sorry but could you check the last three again? PSV8809106

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    Here What I have

    Brand - Acer

    Product Name - Veriton M265

    Serial Number - PSV880910***********

    SNID - ************


    Plz Help Me


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  • Hello,


    Here are the specifications of your desktop: Link.

    The Intel Core 2 Quad processors supported (first column: Acer part number):

    KC.83001.QQ0CPU QUAD.Q8300/2.5G/4M/1333/
    KC.83001.QQVCPU QUAD.Q8300/2.5G/4M/1333/95W
    KC.84001.QQ0CPU QUAD.Q8400/2.66G/4M/1333
    You can use your original heatsink (TDP=95W) 
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    Thank you for your effort.

    Please explain me about followings.

    1. The meaning od TDP (95w & 65w ... etc.)

    2. Different between CPU.Q9550/2.83G/2*6M/1333/C1 and CPU.Q9550/2.83G/2*6M/1333/E0

    3. Above processors are 6M or 12M (confused with 2*6M)

    4. Will My mobo support 12M, 6M or 4M cache. In other way, what will be the cache memory limit or highest cache that can use with my mobo.

    5. If I use a processor with 6M or 12M cache, will it be cause to damage the chipset of my mobo

    6. If I use one of the processor listed above, Shall I have to use new PSU with high performance like 400w 450w 500w

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hello laurent_14......

    Where are you....

    I Need your help immediately....

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    Anyone can help me please..... Still warring with my problem