Where can I get specific instructions for updating the BIOS on my TC-710????

Where can I get specific instructions for updating the BIOS on my TC-710????  My computer has been freezing up erratically ever since I bought it a year ago, and it seems, from what I've read, that updating my BIOS to the current version will solve the problem. However, even though I have downloaded the updated BIOS, I have no clue how to install it. I've read that a BIOS which is installed incorrectly can cause major computer problems. Any help in this regard is appreciated!




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    If your system is locking up and freezing a BIOS update may not address that issue. We do not recommend flashing the BIOS if you are unfamiliar with the process as it can cause issues that will require service to fix. Perhaps other users on the Community can assist with flashing but this is not something Acer offers, as far as step by step instructions. Lock ups can be hardware or software generated. We would suggest you back up your data and restore the system to factory configurations. If the lockups still occur then we would recommend repair at that point. Should this be the case, please contact Acer support from this link:

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    The best thing might be to ask them in links below.  




    I don't have a TC-710, and have never updated the BIOS on a TC-710 so follow my instructions at your own risk.




    1. If you're running Windows 10 Anniversary, download the BIOS that says it supports RS1 (Redstone1) R01.B0




    2. Extract




    3. Copy the WIN and ROM folders to a USB flash drive.


    4.  Go in to your BIOS settings and disable "secure boot" and then save/exit (press the F10 key on your keyboard)



    5. Open an Admin command prompt (Right click on the Windows Start Button to get the menu)





    6.  If your USB flash drive has a drive letter of F, then you would type



    cd win



    7. After the processing completes, restart your computer.


    8. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard at the Acer logo to access your BIOS settings.  Load the BIOS defaults (F9) and then save/exit (F10). This step will also re-enable secure boot.



    Important Note:  The instructions that I gave above were from the Appendix folder (more or less).  If you don't understand something I wrote or believe my instructions are in error, then please just ask if you're confused.  Or if you know someone that is computer savvy, it might be better to let them do it.





    I'm not an Acer employee.
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