How do you change and upgrade the battery for an E-5-574G-75N8?

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Just purchased this  and can find no info on battery replacement. E-5-574G-75N8


How do  you upgrade the battery? What kind does it take?

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    Here is the part number of the original battery (only one capacity):

    KT.00403.025BATTERY.LI-ION.4C.2520mAh (Sanyo)
    KT.00403.034BATTERY.LI-ION.4C.2520mAh (Sanyo)

    You have to remove the ODD module and the bottom of the laptop to access to the battery.

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    Your model came only with 4cell battery, if you are thinking of upgrading to a larger battery, it won't fit due to space constraint and design IMHO but others may have different opinion, I would suggest you to saty with 4cell battery. Compare these pictures for the size of the MBs of E5-575G & E5-574G.



  • svcheeriosvcheerio Member Posts: 3

    WOW! Thank you! I've never had a laptop where you had to remove the back to change a battery!! I was hoping to get one with a longer life. It looks challenging. Thanks for your information.

  • svcheeriosvcheerio Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for the info! I appreciate it!!

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