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Acer V5-551 Bios password reset

Hello everyone,


I forgot my bios password from my v5-551. There is no 

access possible to the F keys except F2. Besides that i

also have no Access to windows or Linux. When i don't

press anything the screen will stay on the acer logo.

I already know the bios password is stored in EEPROM, 

so removing the battery wil not work. Yesterday i found

a service manual for the v5-571there is some very usefull

information in here, but my device is to different from this

571. Does any one have a v5-551 service manual or know the same steps 

for my mainboard. Thanks for all your help! 




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  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,362Member Seasoned Practitioner



    I sent you a PM in regards to this that should help.

  • zak_antzak_ant Posts: 4Member

    I was given a laptop Acer V5-551 (not new).
    Upload can not - requests to the hard disk password and to enter the BIOS and system.
    How to be?

  • apilcherxapilcherx Posts: 7Member


    what was the PM, im in the same boat

  • xkalivurxkalivur Posts: 1Member

    Can you helpme please...i have the same problem here...V5-551 with bios password, in my case i'll format but i cant access to the BIOS.

  • zak_antzak_ant Posts: 4Member

    It is necessary to disassemble the laptop and remove the battery from the motherboard. I pulled out the battery for 30 minutes. Then insert the battery back and collect the laptop. You have access to the BIOS again.

  • Dutchv5Dutchv5 Posts: 4Member
    Help everyone,

    The PM contains just some pictures of the motherboard and the circuits you have to shortcut.
    After all nothing worked, not the BIOS battery, not the " unlock codes " on the internet and the help of an Acer expert didn't worked out. So the only thing what left was sending my acer to the Acer repair center. Despite my Acer was out of garranty they solved the free of money in just an hour. So if you would like to have your laptop longer and don't want to kill it more cause of all tips on the internet, bring it into the acer service center (first ask a quotation) and never forget your BiOs password again! Good luck everyone
  • 4bigana4bigana Posts: 1Member New User

    i can help. come pm


  • manuelhahn1manuelhahn1 Posts: 2Member New User
    same problem, can anyone help me?
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