ACER E5-553G-114Q locked amd-v option?

cyberwildcyberwild Member Posts: 1

hi there i have acer E5-553G-114Q A12 and i was visit Aces costumer service center with case turn on amd-v but the service center cannot help me, any help master?

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  • IronFlyIronFly ACE Posts: 18,410 Trailblazer

    i think it's locked on BIOS, so the only way is to search for alternative BIOS.


    this can't be discussed here, by the way.

    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • ferryongferryong Member Posts: 10

    I would like to run VirtualBox/VM Ware with 64bit guest OS.

    Is that possible with the locked AMD-V option?

    I really need this info, as it will definitely a decision point if I should buy this laptop.



  • IronFlyIronFly ACE Posts: 18,410 Trailblazer
    I don't think so, go for an Intel CPU.
    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • ferryongferryong Member Posts: 10

    ya, Intel is no brainer. But I'm on limited budget, so would like to go for AMD and I know A12 supports virtualisation.

    Is it possible to modify the BIOS ourselves to enable this feature?



  • IronFlyIronFly ACE Posts: 18,410 Trailblazer
    So far i didn't find any modded it's up to you to try, it's a really risky way.

    It's better to ask on specialized community about mod BIOS.
    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • kking1276kking1276 Member Posts: 4 New User

    Is there a way to make feature requests to acer?

    I bought a E5-553-17JH, a12-9700P with 16GB...amd-v disabled and no option to enable it.

    16GB will never be used without this setting. So frustrating....why would Acer cripple the laptop?

    There was a bios update just last week, I was hopeful...but no change. 

    I wouldn't have bought the laptop if Acer published that fact.

    Contacted support, but no help.

    Does Acer participate in the community?



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