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Acer ES1-131-C3FQ Booting Issues

Hi all knowledgable folk!


My Acer has been working well for the year or so I've had it, however a couple of days ago things have been going wrong Smiley Sad


Firstly, the touchpad has completely gone, does not respond at all and there is no cursor at all.  Secondly (might be related), when booting it frequently cycles through the Acer boot screen, restarting itself several times, until a Windows repair option displays, when accepting the defauly option of Restarting Windows 8.1, the PC will finally boot and I have no issues (apart from the touchpad) until I next need to boot.  Also, if the PC hibernates, it will not come out of this mode which then requires a hard reset.


I've reinstalled Windows which has not helped, so I'm at a loss as to what do to next.  Any suggestions?  Maybe a BIOS update or something?


Many thanks in advance all,

FAQ & Answers

  • If you're not at the version 1.23 bios it might help. Make sure you're plugged in and the battery is charged.

    Do you know how to check your bios version?

  • FartinLewisFartinLewis Posts: 2Member
    Hi many thanks for the reply. No I'm not how to check? Also if I am able to upgrade what is the process?

    Thanks again
  • In Windows search, type System information and click it. 



    If you do not have 

    BIOSAcer1.Improve system performnce.1.234.0 MB2016/07/22Download


    Down load it and extract it to a new folder on your desktop.

    Make sure you are plugged in and the battery has a good charge.

    Open the folder and click the bios executable.

    Don't do anything else unless you are told to.

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