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Chromebook 14

itsgordieitsgordie Member Posts: 12

Hi – Does anyone know when the Chromebook 14 is coming to the UK – May? Also, any idea as to whether the specs for the processor will be the same as currently displayed on several websites – the Intel Celeron N3060 or N3160? Just trying to guage whether I should hold off buying a Toshiba Core i3 model or not...




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  • BasculeBascule Member Posts: 11

    Not too much longer, hopefully..


  • itsgordieitsgordie Member Posts: 12

    Yes, I've been in touch with Acer and Amazon UK and everyone is keeping their lips sealed at the moment. I didn't ask for a particular date, just whether it would be released in the UK but no-one knew, which was worrying...

  • itsgordieitsgordie Member Posts: 12

    Wow, after waiting for weeks and weeks for this to arrive in the UK, I see the spec is lower than the US version. An N3060 Celeron as opposed to the N3160 and no 180p screen. I'll have to look elsewhere. What a shame! Why did they do that?

  • BasculeBascule Member Posts: 11

    I think there will be two versions. Guess they've decided to introduce the cheaper one first. Hopefully the FHD one won't be too far behind..

  • itsgordieitsgordie Member Posts: 12

    If it isn't I'll be livid. I could have bought a Core i3 Toshiba weeks ago but have lost the opportunity now. I wanted to wait for the better build quality of this but was prepared to trade off some speed seeing as the screen would be almost as good. Now they've lowered the spec of both screen and processor...!

  • BasculeBascule Member Posts: 11

    I've just used the Live Chat feature on the Google store page for the currently unavailable Chromebook 14 (N3160). The support agant said:


    "Please be assured that the Acer Chromebook 14 will be stock soon as its high in demand. Yes, it will be available in UK!"


    I tried to make it clear that I was after that specific model in the UK. So fingers crossed..

  • itsgordieitsgordie Member Posts: 12

    I just did the same and the rep said these Chromebooks aren't available in the UK yet and didn't have more info...

  • BasculeBascule Member Posts: 11

    There's nothing like consistency..

  • snazzybouchesnazzybouche Member Posts: 6
    I'll definitely be waiting until the FHD version comes out. Assuming that's within the next month or so, otherwise I'll probably switch to the Dell 13.
  • itsgordieitsgordie Member Posts: 12

    Me too. There's no way I'd buy a low spec machine with a non HD screen even for such a low price. I'm guessing with Chromebooks being able to use Android apps in the future they'll need as much processing power as possible. And I don't understand why we seem to get lower powered and lower spec'd machines in the UK?

  • snazzybouchesnazzybouche Member Posts: 6
    The £250 price is already equivalent to $350... I'm a bit worried as to what the price of the FHD will be.
  • snazzybouchesnazzybouche Member Posts: 6

    Contacted UK support today via chat - the representative gave me details for the SHD version rather than the FHD version. I can assume any plans for getting these in the UK are distant

  • itsgordieitsgordie Member Posts: 12

    Yes I tried again just to double check and the rep said they knew nothing about the HD version with the 3160 processor. Looks like the US are the only ones with the full HD...?

  • snazzybouchesnazzybouche Member Posts: 6

    Looks like it, yeah.


    Is there a way I can get in contact with someone who definitely knows what they're doing? Unanswered questions are annoying

  • itsgordieitsgordie Member Posts: 12

    No idea, I've tried a few places and no-one seems to know. Probably because no-one's been told yet. I remember when they were first announced there were 2 versions, the full HD and this one released in the UK. Now we know why, unless the full HD is coming later but I wouldn't count on it as we didn't get the Core i3 processor model of the Toshiba CB either, just the useless 2840 Celeron version...

  • snazzybouchesnazzybouche Member Posts: 6

    Ah, that would be because Toshiba left the consumer laptop market before they released it outside the US. So at least they have an excuse.


    Unless Acer decides to do the same, I'll be rather annoyed if there's no FHD 14 for us Brits.

  • itsgordieitsgordie Member Posts: 12

    It wouldn't surprise me if there isn't one but I'm not sure I understand Acer's strategy. Are we meant to be less tech savvy than Americans? I don't get it. Surely they knew about Google's roadmap for Chrome and the integration with Android which would mean the more power you have the better? Maybe they have a load of lesser power chips which they needed to get rid of first? Or maybe a bit like Apple they'll keep the current design as it's had such rave reviews and they'll just keep improving the performance spec inside incrementally...?

  • itsgordieitsgordie Member Posts: 12

    Hey, yes I've been keeping my eye on it but was wondering why the long lead time – are they from the States do you think? Was worried they make not have the UK Pound sign on the keyboard if so.... Am keeping my eye out for the first UK review too.


    I wonder if Acer or anyone else will bump up the spec in these CBs once they can accept apps from the Play Store?

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