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No Sound Output in VN7-792G



My Acer randomly BSOD with PNP error and after restart I have no sound and I get a red x on my speaker icon in the lower right corner where the clock is. I checked the Device Manager and I get a yellow exclamation mark under System Devices and it seems the problematic device is Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) Audio Controller. Under Sound, video and game controllers I have only one driver left - NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM). When I click View --> Show hidden devices it shows the audio drivers which means they are disabled somehow, I think?


Anyhoo, I've updated the problematic driver and hoped that this solved the issue but to no avail. I'm afraid to uninstall the driver because it's under System Devices and not under Sound, video and game controllers categories. I am starting to think it might be an hardware issue, but I seriously hope not.


Perhaps you have some ideas what I could try to fix this?

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  • Pierre87Pierre87 Posts: 4Member

    Hi ,


    I just joined the forums because of the exact same issue .


    I managed to fix it and have a possible cause of the problem ( Conflicting sound drivers or devices )


    Go to Device Manager - Uninstall the virtual Nvidia Driver and Uninstall the Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) Audio Controller in device manager that is not working ( You can keep the drivers if you have the latest ones installed )


    After uninstalling both - Shut down your laptop , remove power from laptop , give it a couple of seckonds , then restart the Laptop - This worked for me ,


    REMEMBER - you can unisntall the Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) Audio Controller , in device manager you can use a button to detect hardware changes , windows will detect the soundcard again and add it to the list if it hasnt done so already when you restarted


    If that does not work then install the latest BIOS item the ( something V1.07 Acoustic ) From the offical ACER DL item paige and repeat the above process.


    Kind Regards, Hopes this helps.

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