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Acer r14 installing Windows 10 home using Recovery media on SSD drive




I tried to reset my laptop on new SSD drive using the Recovery media i created using the Acer tools, but it failed with errors. 

Is this supported?


I also tried to boot the laptop with SSD drive that contains teh cloned partitions from hhd drive and it failed to load teh windows. 


Anyone has success story for moveing off the 1 tb hdd to ssd with this laptop?

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    What is your complete model number?  Example of a complete model number:


    Acer Laptop Aspire R 14 R3-471T-76BM


    Edit:  To answer your question, yes I replaced the  1 TB HDD with a 250 GB SSD on an R14 and used the USB factory default recovery drive without any problems. (Although it was an R14 that came pre-installed with Windows 8.1).  However, on a different R14 that came pre-installed with Windows 10, I successfully created a USB factory default recovery drive, and then wiped the SSD drive, and then sucessfully put it back to factory condition with the USB factory default recovery drive.


    My only suggestion would be to.....


    1. Re-install the 1 TB HDD

    2.  Backup your important personal files

    3.  Reset/restore the computer to factory condition:




    4.  Create USB flash drive recovery media (again)

    5. Remove the 1 TB HDD

    6. Install clean SSD

    (if you don't know how to have a clean SSD, then read this.)

    7. Insert the factory default USB recovery drive that you created in step 4

    8. Turn on computer and reset your PC.

    9. That's it.



    I'm not an Acer employee.
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