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Acer Keyboard Case (included with Acer Aspire P3) not connecting on windows 10 bluetooth app?

Permafry42Permafry42 Posts: 2Member

So at first i thought it my keyboard wasn't being seen by windows 10. but sometimes after holding the bluetooth button an unknown device appears that appears to be my keyboard. yet when i type in the connection code it doesn't respond and then the device no longer is showing. It could just be another bluetooth device though; i live in a dorm so there's many other people with bluetooth devices in the area.


I checked out this: https://acer--uk.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/30072/~/how-to-pair-the-acer-bluetooth-keyboard-case


but it only applies to 8 and 8.1, not 10. Perhaps acer should release a driver update for windows 10 early adopters that fixes their keyboard to work with windows 10, unless there is a simple bug fix? I looked online but i seem to be the only one with this issue so far, possibly due to the newness of 10.


Edit: found this post, which weirdly didn't show up previously: http://community.acer.com/t5/Windows-10/Bluetooth-not-working-after-installing-Windows-10-on-Aspire-P3/m-p/372471#U372471


trying to update my drivers again to confirm this isn't an issue.


edit 2: nope it added a connected devices section to replace the bluetooth section, but otherwise didn't solve the problem yet.


edit 3: so after like 2 hours i finally realized what was the issue.In order for it to be discoverable you need to make sure to first install the new windows 10 specific bluetooth driver mentioned in the above post , then use the REPAIR option in the bluetooth drivers, THEN make sure the keyboard starts having both its blue and orange light flashing, reseting the connection. After doing these three things, the keyboard should be discoverable in the bluetooth connection menu of windows 10, listed specially as a keyboard. Then just type in the code and you should be good to go!

FAQ & Answers

  • commentfccommentfc Posts: 1Member

    I can fix this problem...

    1.setup windows 10 v1511 by usb

    2.when setup windows ready, update driver with windows update

    3.download driver Bluetooth and update setup from acer site below


    4.restart computer

    5.after restart goto bluetooth and search new device

    6.long press on power button on keyboard bluetooth cover until see blink blue and red light together

    7.when bluetooth connect with keyboard cover, enter 6 code bluetooth and endter for accept code


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