Acer aspire switch 10 E, updated to windows 10 speakers stopped

MumaCassMumaCass Member Posts: 2
I just bought an Acer Aspire Switch 10 E, which came with a free update to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1. Ever since I did this, I can't hear a thing through the speakers.
Speaker specs are as follows;
Intel SST Audio Device (WDM)
Realtek I2S Audio Codec
Basic system info from control panel;
Windows Edition: Windows 10 Home (c) 2015
Processor: Intel (R) Atom(TM) CPU Z3735F @ 1.33GHz 1.33GHz
installed memory (RAM): 2.00GB
System type: 32-bit Operating System, x64-based processor
I've already tried updating/uninstalling/reinstalling but nothing (short of rolling back to 8.1) seems to help.
Please tell me someone out there knows what to do!

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  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 27,065 Trailblazer

    Does Device Manager show any errors for the speakers? Is there a chance the default playback device is configured for something like some bluetooth speakers instead of the built-ins?

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  • DaikonDaikon Member Posts: 12


    Go to Device Manager and see if your speaker has a yellow triangle beside it. You might want to uninstall and reinstall latest audio driver/s (latest driver/s that are compatible with Windows 10) for your device.

  • IronFlyIronFly ACE Posts: 18,413 Trailblazer

    install the Intel platform drivers package and update BIOS too if there's a new version for your model.

    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • Elledan3101Elledan3101 Member Posts: 1

    hello there
    I have same problem: after reinstall Windows 10, I can't hear any sounds from my tablet

    i've reinstalled every drivers that i've found on Acer's website, but nothing helps. even same themes on this forum like this, or this are not works for me.


    Windows tells me that everything is fine and works correct, but i still can't hear any sounds


    can anybody help me with my problem? Smiley Sad


    My model: Acer Switch 10E (SW3-013)

  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 27,065 Trailblazer

    With at least one other user, the problem was the default output wasn't set tothe speakers. Right click the sound icon at bottom right, choose Playback Devices...

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  • PhoenixWRXPhoenixWRX Member Posts: 4

    I'm having the same problem. Ive downloaded all the latest drivers from acer and reinstalled them. Windows thinks it is playing sound but nothing comes out of the headphones or speakers. However, if I connect a bluetooth speaker, sound comes out of that.


    I just reformatted with a clean copy of Win 10 pro.I have a SW5-012 Switch 10.I'd really hate to not have any more sound out of this! I use it for watching videos a lot.

  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 27,065 Trailblazer

    What is shown as your default output device when you follow the procedure I suggested?

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  • PhoenixWRXPhoenixWRX Member Posts: 4
    The internal speakers are set to default. intel sst audio device (wdm). If I were to connect it to the Bluetooth speaker and set it as default the sound comes out of the bt speaker but when I switch it back to the internal speakers then I get nothing
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