VN7-591G-729V Acer Nitro - intel Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

emilin_roseemilin_rose Member Posts: 8 New User

I keep getting the error no matter how few programs i have running and its frustrating because not only does my games freeze when it happens, but sometimes my whole computer freezes.


Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 is what the driver comes up as and when the error message comes up it has an 8(R) on it. i'm wondering if that has something to do with it. any advice?

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  • RevoMaxxRevoMaxx ACE Posts: 458 Pioneer

    I had that issue only once with one of my acer system when I was running 7Ult. I was able to fix it by dl the driver from Acers website.  Problem was from an Update I think. Would only happen when it came out of Sleep mood. Soon after I updated to 10 and the issue was over. 


    I would try and install the Acer Graphics driver for your system and see if that fixes things. It may until the next windows update if it was an update issue.. 



  • emilin_roseemilin_rose Member Posts: 8 New User

    Well i tried it and still no luck. I'm still getting that same intel driver crash. i do have the Nvidia driver but it doesn't seem to do anything. The intel one stops working and crashes/freezes my games.

  • RevoMaxxRevoMaxx ACE Posts: 458 Pioneer

    Sorry I don't have that Laptop. It does seem to be a Very nice Spec machine...


    Wonder if your system is set up like a few others with Multi Graphics that can Auto change when demands require! It could be that your Nividia GTX 960M and your Intel HD 4600 system work the system until your Computer Demands the use of your GTX? I know some systems are that way I can't find anything that yours is (I am still looking LOL)


    Well looking over what I found. I don't see anything that says it does or doesn't . I would say maybe look at your Graphics Panel right click desktop and see if there is something that states it Auto Switches from the Intel HD 4600 to the GTX 960... Looking at the Specs on Acers Website it says should have 4gb Gtx 960 Graphics... 


    Maybe try and DL the Nividia Drives and see what happens.. I wonder if it is maybe crashing when it is going from one to the other...


    Also in your Graphics, by Right clicking on your Desktop and then you should have a few more then I do but should be something about Graphics, even maybe something alone about Geforce or Nividia.... In them settings see if there is anything that lets you toggle your GTX 960 on full time. 



  • emilin_roseemilin_rose Member Posts: 8 New User

    i found a "Profiles Automatic Triggers" but turning it off didn't work. i found something to try by opening nvidia control panel and "manage 3d settings". i put the program to use the nvidia graphics processer. fingers crossed.


    EDIT: nope, still crashes whenever the intel display driver freezes.

  • emilin_roseemilin_rose Member Posts: 8 New User

    The problem remains a week later.

  • emilin_roseemilin_rose Member Posts: 8 New User

    It's gotten WORSE. Now it's crashing Firefox.

  • excalibur2811excalibur2811 Member Posts: 6


    I sympathise as my VN7-791G-755C does it too.


    So far I have noticed it (mainly) happening when running KODI; from time to time I get the "intel Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" error message - often more than once per evening. I suspect it could be a problem caused by the intel driver.


    Also, when I got my laptop it had Windows 8 but I upgraded to Windows 10 within a few days so unfortunately I cannot draw any conclusions regarding whether the Windows upgrade is the culprit.


    Given the cost of the laptop it is certainly annoying when the screen freezes on you like that. I hope someone comes up with a fix soon.

  • vivsimvivsim Member Posts: 16 Troubleshooter

    I have an Acer Aspire V3-772G notebook.  I have upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.


    Almost every day, I get a message saying something like: ‘display driver has stopped working and has been restarted - Intel HD Graphics Driver’.  I don’t have the exact wording because the message disappears very quickly.


    I tried updating the device driver for the following in Device Manager, but Windows determined that the right driver was installed.

    Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 (current driver is Intel Driver

    I then ran the Intel Driver Update Utility and got the following message.   


    'A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer.  The Intel Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver.  Installing a generic Intel driver instead of a customized computer manufacturer driver may cause technical issues.  Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer'.


    I checked the Acer site, and could not find an update for the driver.


    What do I do now?



  • sharky25ksharky25k Member Posts: 473 Skilled Practitioner



    I highly recommend to NOT install the drivers for 591G which are on the web page on the acer site.


    I never saw worst drivers than those which are there. I use the 4300 (the last 4 numbers from the driver) version which is available from the intel web page. While they are far from perfect, and I have some issues, they are minor, and quite hard to explain, but I don't have any crash of the driver, or video corruption on youtube (which are present in the drivers which are offered on the acer webpage.


    I am sorry to say this, but unfortunately the driver support by acer is quite poor. For such an expensive computer I was expecting a little bit more support.


    Follow these steps which are in the microsoft support page.

    I highly recommend to download first the drivers from the intel web page


    Then install this driver, and follow the suggestions on the microsoft support page to disable the automatic update to "update" your display driver.


    Othervise, the update will roll back your driver to a different version (I think 4256)


    I hope this will help,


    [inappropriate content removed]


  • acolleacolle Member Posts: 9

    I'm with same issue. Did you find a solution?

  • mremanmreman Member Posts: 2

    Same for me....very annoying as it is random, i try to keep it not only up to date but also scanned and clean as possible (have always been OCD about this) but nothing seems to help. I always have to close and or restart to get it corrected!!!



  • dorfindorfin Member Posts: 7

    Got the same issue, drivver seems different than the error one. This also causes some performance problems and overheating for my device even though all matches with the driver info on the support page.

  • sharky25ksharky25k Member Posts: 473 Skilled Practitioner

    And did you read the entire post? Did you notice that we said that the driver from the Acer driver page is [junk]?

    [edited to comply with guidelines]


    Follow the instructions and install the drivers from the intel webpage and it will solve the problem.


    By the way I own exactly the same model of the notebook and no matter what driver I use (even the buggy ones) they have nothing to do with overheating. Overheating can be caused by some software which uses excessive CPU/GPU power but not the drivers (even the 4248 or 4256 ones don't cause this).


    So for overheating look for your high CPU/GPU usage on your system by some software which you have installed. Also the 591G will throttle no matter what you do if you use at full power the CPU and GPU. Even if you will change the thermal paste, use software to run the fans at 100% and use a cooling pad the CPU will still throttle and run at around 3.1 GHZ instead of 3.6 (as turbo frequency).

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