Error Message: OneDrive can't be loaded using Full Administrator Rights

bucksmom Member Posts: 5

hi, I purchased an Acer Aspire E 15 Touch (ES-571P-568-M) several weeks ago.  It was running fine. Suddenly about a week ago, it's almost impossible to connect to!   And I also receive an error message:

OneDrive can't be loaded using full Administrator Rights.

All other functions appear to be working fine.  It appears as of now, it's just the connection I'm noticing as I'm trying to do Christmas shopping!

Can you help?   Please explain very very slowly......I'm not a techie in the least!



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  • IronFly
    IronFly ACE Posts: 18,413 Trailblazer

    about One Drive, try this:

    Run Acer Care Center ( you can search it pressing windows logo key +s , then type Acer car center)> Tuneup Managed Startup Applications ... and set Microsoft Onedrive to 'Highest Priority'


    about Amazon....any other website not working?

    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • Pkitty
    Pkitty Member Posts: 18

    In Acer Care Centre, Ondrive has a red ! beside it and the "Low priority" is grayed out.  The problem cannot be fixed this way.  Any other ideas - other than never using an admin account.

  • Pkitty
    Pkitty Member Posts: 18

    I found a solution to my Onedrive error message on boot problem on the Microsoft forum:


    The problem is because OneDrive is scheduled to start at login with the highest privileges.

    Here's the solution described in the link:
        * Open "Task Scheduler" (search for it)
        * click the little > next to "Task Scheduler Library"
        * select CareCentre
        * Double click OneDrive
    Near the bottom of the edit page is a checkbox "Run with highest Privileges"
        * Uncheck this, click OK, and exit Task Scheduler.
    Now when you reboot your pc, the error popup should be gone.


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