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Aspire One notebook won't upgrade to windows 10

zippy2zippy2 Posts: 3Member

trying to upgrade from windows7.  I get a compatability issue message.  Intel graphics card media accelkerator 3600 series not compatable.  Intel website says that Aspire modified the card and to contact them.


Whats up?  Is this going to be fixed?

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  • IronFlyIronFly Posts: 18,074ACE Trailblazer

    Acer will support updates to windows 10, only for devices on this list:


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  • zippy2zippy2 Posts: 3Member

    Thanks for the info.  I will be getting a new laptop and I can assure you and acer that it will not be another ACER product. 


    Spent my hard earned money for something that can' be upgraded.

  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,923ACE Pathfinder

    Which Aspire One ? My 532h did fine but I had upgraded to 2GB of RAM.

  • zippy2zippy2 Posts: 3Member

    Mine is a 2 year old Aspire One D270-1375.  It is not on the list of upgradable units.


    The error message says the Intel Graphics Media Accele0ator, 3600 series is not compatable and Intel says that ACER changed the unit and has no plans to make it accept a win 10 upgrade.



  • DavidZDavidZ Posts: 1Member

    >>>  My 532h did fine but I had upgraded to 2GB of RAM.  <<<


    I have an Acer Aspire One (532h-2588) netbook that I want to update it to Windows 10.

    The GWX utility (system tray icon) says the netbook is compatible. When I try to update or just download Win 10 using this utility, it hangs on "Starting Download."

    When I clicked on the update link on this Microsoft page, the diagnostic says that my display is not compatible and to contact the manufacturer.

    How did you do the update on your 532h?

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