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Fan randomly not working - Acer Nitro



I have Acer Nitro (591) laptop. Sometimes after restart one or two fans (it seems to be random) does not work at all. Even when computer is heavy loaded one or two fans does not start which finally leads to overheating and shutdown. After restart (or many restarts) fans start working and everything is OK. Any thoughts what may be the problem?



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  • fras23fras23 Posts: 11Member

    yes the fan is physically failing, you need to get it replaced.

  • PiePie Posts: 27Member

    There was also an odd issue with fans if you have an external monitor plugged in, I dont suppose you do?

  • PaschPasch Posts: 2Member

    In fact I sometimes do have external monitor connected and when I think about it, it may be corellated, what was the issue and resolution?

  • PiePie Posts: 27Member

    Here was the thread.  Basically you just have to unplug the monitor before you boot and only plug it in once it's running.



  • etienne85etienne85 Posts: 2Member

    I can't believe this was the answer, I've been struggling for a year with this issue, returning back the laptop to RMA (in france) without success...

    THe second time I forced RMA to change the motherboard... and issue just happened again today..

    By happy coincidence, I came on this thread, which I didn't find when I searched several month ago...

    I just rebooted laptop without monitor plugged, and... TADA !!!  both fans just spinned again at full speed..

    thanks a lot for response.. this made my day,

    I still have to check this is really working as I still can't believe this was so dumb issue... but this will save my laptop from being reselled..

  • davidccidavidcci Posts: 7Member

    can you share which BIOS version on your system is?

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