Acer Revo RL85, one of the ata connections appears to be missing, is this right for this model?

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Just bought a RL85 and on taking the cover off I notice that one bay has a connection to attach a drive to but the other bay has nothing in it. Do I need to send this back or is this normal for this model, I was told it had 3 functioning bays to increade the storage to 6TB.

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    There are two types of the RL85. The lower end one has one SATA connection and higher end one has two SATA connections, all have a hard drive in the middle, of course.

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    I too, have one of the connectors missing. I appreciate it ships with only one, but is it possible to add the other? If so, what is the part and where could I purchase (in the United Kingdom)



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    You would have to contact the Acer technical support in your area to get an answer about parts.

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    I've just ordered one of the below, once fitted I'll let you know if it works:


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    Just an update, I ordered a 3 sata replacement board from Germany ( - fantastic service by the way!!) but I'm afraid I can only see two drives in either the BIOS or Windows Sad

    The board fits perfectly and I have a 120GB SSD in the middle slot, then a 1TB SATA in either of the hot swap bays, but as mentioned I only see one. When I've worked with servers in the past I've had to boot into a RAID controller utility to configure the array before installing the OS, but can't see any option to do so. I can only see SATA0 and SATA1 present in the bios with no obviously way of enabling the other drive.


    I can only assume there must be a RAID controller missing from the motherboard on the lower end models??

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    Thanks for that as its very unclear on most sites that some rl85 only have one additional bay. How did you get your SSD into the middle slot as I'd like to do that but it seems like I'd have to remove some screws under the feet to release the core of the chassis? Is that how you do it?

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    Hello Mate,


    To be honest it was really easy. Wherever you see any of those little black screws just keep taking them off until the central black plasitc unit splits in two, then there's 4 more to get at the central hard drive.


    Here's a guide if you're cautious:




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    Cheers for that, I stumbled across that this morning whilst fighting to get a Win10 / Linux Mint dual boot installation working. As you said its quite straight forward and I now have my SSD installed as my first drive and the 1TB disk that came with the RL85 as the second data disk. 

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    Nice one, glad to hear it.

    I do wish someone could explain to me why the third sata connection I now have on mine doesn't work Smiley Sad


    Does anyone have one of the higher spec Revo RL85's where all 3 bays work? If so please could you send me a screenshot of the device manager page with everything expanded so I can compare with my own and see what's missing?



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    what is actually classed as a lower model? I purchased the i3 model and expected this to be present from the description

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