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Windows 10 requires password on wakeup - Iconia W510

BavegaBavega Posts: 30Member Troubleshooter

I know Windows 10 is new and that we will all experience more or less serious bugs over the next months.


For the most part Windows 10 really works well on my Iconia W510. I post this as a thread here to see if I am the only one who has to enter the system password on wakeup even though it is disabled?


I have disabled require password on wakeup on the Power Options page and when I recheck, it is disabled. But, every time I wakey the PC up from sleep I still have to enter the system password.


Compared to most of the other reported problems here and elsewhere with Windows 10, I know I should not complain But it is still annoying.

FAQ & Answers

  • Do you have a screen saver enabled? They will often be set to require a password also, superseding the power settings.

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  • BavegaBavega Posts: 30Member Troubleshooter

    Thanks for your suggestion, but no. I have no screen saver enabled.

  • redpantherredpanther Posts: 6Member

    In settings, go to accounts, sign-in options, require sign-in, choose never

  • erlewiserlewis Posts: 1Member

    In this day and age saying "never" on entering a password is just too permissive.  I "know" how to change this setting but today on a Windows 10 Home 8" tablet I am unable to find the option that allows no password on wake from sleep.  I believe this option may be "hidden" by Microsoft in an abundance of caution to protect us from doing foolish things.  (see above).


    So I will research this more, there is indoubtedly some sort of command or registry setting the controls this.  Understand that it is possible to set Windows so that it does not require a password when a screen resumes from off.  That is also a much more "awake" status than going to sleep.  So, I am guessing that in Micorosoft's wisdon, they decided no tablet should be allowed to be accessed without a password when it appears to be off.  I raised the number of minutes before the screen goes off when connected to power but left it at 3 minutes on battery.


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