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Windows 10 update error c1900101-40017

xybnnxybnn Posts: 2Member

This is outrageous, 


The  screen would go black after 100% installing features and drivers, 75% overall. Suspecting a BIOS problem on the computer because it is supposed to restart and it is not, something is preventing it.

Another symptom, when booting in the repair disk, commanding system to shut down won't do the trick, stays dimmed but on. Force restarting it would make it roll back.


Why Windows 10 won't upgrade? Like it is the 15th time that I've tried.

I mean, why wouldn't acer just give a minimal support ot my product? so it won't be stuck at 100% in installing drivers and features. Come on, the install is completed! If this is not preventing, what is? 


AZ3171, AMD A6 APU

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  • raymond47raymond47 Posts: 4Member

    yeap - same here - updated as many drivers as I can but get error kmode_exception ....... sgfxk32.sys and get rebooted to windows 7 - my laptop is an x5din with windows 7 32 bit - this is rather sad.




  • archp2008archp2008 Posts: 9Member

    I've had similar experiences trying to upgrade my Acer Aspire 7551G-7459.  Upon downloading and running CPU-Z the AMD Phenom II X4 N970 CPU does not appear to be Windows 10 compatible.  The Instructions indicated suggest that secure booting which windows 10 supports may not be available.  I notice that my particular notebook is not listed with the other Acer models on the Acer site that have been tested and certified to be compatible.  Meanwhile, I would like to hear from anyone else who has tried to update one of these older Acer Win 7 Home Premium notebooks.  It seems like around 4 or 5 years since I purchased this notebook. I read that the CPU must be able to support PAE, NX and SSE2.  Only the SSE2 is specified in the list of instructions in CPU-Z.  Other comments appreciated.

  • MarkioMarkio Posts: 11Member
    Uninstall all drivers and perform an upgrade to Windows 10 using this tool:
    When the installation being started, under "Choose what to keep" select the option "Nothing (everything will be deleted, including apps, files and settings)"
  • raymond47raymond47 Posts: 4Member

    I dont want Windows 10 that much thanks.

  • dharrisondharrison Posts: 2Member

    Same here.....I'm certainly not going to delete all of that just to have a new...probably buggier windows...


  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,910ACE Pathfinder

    OK once more (about the 10th time now). To get Windows 10 to install properly (and I've done it from both Win 7 and 8.1 lotsa times now.):

    First make sure Windows Update has installed every important and optional update that has the word "Windows" in it. Keep going until "no more found".

    Second, if a 32GB machine of have less than 10 GB disk space available have "something else" (SD card, USB SDD, don;t care just something formatted NTFS that has at least 10GB free).

    Third run the Windows 10 update tool

    Fourth if it complains about space click "Use external Drive" the click in the menu space, it should find your other device. Select that.

    Fourth (or third, I forget) when it asks select "keep personal data and apps"

    Fifth just let it kerchunk. Don't be surprised if the screen goes blank for an hour or two. My W510 took six hours and I'm on a fat pipe. Overnight is good.

    Sixth: when it gets done check device manager for anything that is wonkey (like DPTF - see other posts). See if Acer has a win 10 driver.If not try forcing in the latest driver from ACER for any OS with the same bits (32 or 64). I had to do that on both the W3 and the W510, the DPTF driver Win 10 loaded were later but did not work.

    Seventh: If something does not work but outline the steps you went through and exactly what the issue is.


    And if all that does not work, find a 15 year old.


    But above all be patient. Eventually something will happen even if it takes hours.





  • raymond47raymond47 Posts: 4Member

    I have lost the will to live - no matter what I cant upgrade - 35 Euros on a brain dead driver update program that tells me I have 198 outdated drivers and just will not update them - an updated NVIDIA driver that crapped my laptop and for what? 


    I cant be bothered and ASUS are suspiciously absent withg any recommendations - life is far to short to bother.  I will wait until my current laptop dies and will buy another but not from ACER.


    thanks for all the comments - there is always UNIX

  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,910ACE Pathfinder

    35 euros for update package ? Is that recovery media from Acer ? Can't thnk of anything else you would need to pay for.



  • raymond47raymond47 Posts: 4Member

    No just the usual scam - Acer Update Drivers from dgtsoft.com which is a complete rip off - hey ho - no windows 10 for today and a close look on the bank account.


    [edited to comply with guidelines - removed link]

  • xybnnxybnn Posts: 2Member

    I think that you don't know anything about the case's specifics, nor the way to talk normally. I guess that you're actually 15 years old... My only solution so far is to upgrade with the media creation tool using clean install option, wish acer gave me a better option cause their PCs are really half-assed...

  • ydeydierydeydier Posts: 1Member

    On my ACER Aspire M7720, I solved this problem by disconnecting the "integrated" cards reader (SD card etc...) (I had to open the PC, and unplug 2 "plugs")

    In the same time I also delete the content of c:\$WINDOWS.~BT and $Windows.~WS folders, as read somewhere on the internet, so I'm not sure which one of those 2 actions solved my problem, but I think it's the first ! (unplug)

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