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how can I install Acer eData security management on nun Acer computer? I have old locked file.

ammaroammaro Posts: 2Member

I used to have Acer Laptop and I like to use Acer empowering technology sepcially Acer eData security, 

my old acer laptop is gone now, and hardly I sucseeded saving my hard disk.

now I have so many locked files, and I dont have acer laptop anymore, I tried to install the empowering software including eData security software but I got message that it cannot run on nun Acer computer. 

I know the password but I couldnt install the software, I really needs these files, so please advise me for a solution. 


thank you 

FAQ & Answers

  • Hi,

    Sorry that you are not able to instll the app. but I see that E-Data security was shipped with XP operating system, & Acer stopped the same, when Vista was launched,. More info can be found @ http://www.acer.com/worldwide/support/t-faq.htm
  • ammaroammaro Posts: 2Member

    hi Sathya,


    thank you for your prompt reply, Actually I used to install the app on windows Vista and windows 7 beta , and when I locked the file I was using windows 7 

    now I have the version of that app which works perfectly on windows 7 before but the problem is when I try to run the application I got a massage saying that this is not an acer computor and the app cannot run.


    so my question is is there any possibility to run the application on nun acer computor or do you know any software can creat vertual acer computor platform?


    thank you again and have a nice weekend

  • EdmanEdman Posts: 3Member



    I would also like an answer to this question. 


    My ACER laptop crashed but I was able to recover the hard drives including the vmdf file for the PSD.

    As I understand it I would be able to mount this file and decrypt it with my password using edata security management. However, my current computer is not an ACER, and the empowering technology framework required by edata security will not run on a non-ACER system.


    Is there a work-around for this problem? It seems absurd that I should need to buy a new ACER computer just to unlock files from my old one.


    thank you in advance

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