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Crystal Eye Webcam not working


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  • fumanchufumanchu Posts: 1Member

    Had a long email with Acer Support about this problem. Here's how I fixed it for my Acer Aspire One Netbook using Win7 OS...

    Well it looks like the Acer Crystal Eye software is the problem after all.
    There's plenty of feedback about that on Acer forums.

    I decided to leave the windows7 driver in place and let it recognise the camera as a usb (it's not).  Then I downloaded
    NCH Debut Video Capture Software (a free program) and installed it in place of the Acer Crystal Eye software.  NCH Debut immediately found the camera and can do all sorts of wonderful things with it.  So folks that's the bottom line.  NCH software (for free) is an excellent replacement for the non-working Crystal Eye prog from Acer.  Hope this helps others facing this issue.


  • RichardWRichardW Posts: 3Member New User

    Many thanks for that suggestion. As it happens, I have sold on the computer with that problem because the purchaser wasn't bothered. However, I still have an Acer computer and so in the future, if a problem arises, I will use your suggestion.

  • emccarthyemccarthy Posts: 7Member

    None of the suggestions worked and I called support ....no resolution there either. they said it was a hardware issue and to return the device for repair. I had just bought it so I decided to return it, I suspect it wasn't a hardware problem but don't really care since I returned it for a refund.

  • KuhinjaKuhinja Posts: 15Member New User

    <Fumanchu gave a solution. Camera works via other software. The quality is low but it works.

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