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Crystal Eye Webcam not working

ShaKaala13ShaKaala13 Posts: 1Member

my acer crystal eye web cam is not working, all I had to do when I got this computer was to go into my start botton where all of my programs was and click on ther webcam and take a picture,now I can not,I would lke to know how I can fix it.


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  • st3ph3nnityst3ph3nnity Posts: 220Member

    Try going to...control panel...hardware and sound...under devices and printers enter device manager...when device manager loads select the "imaging devices" and enter...there is a tab that will tell you whether it is working correctly or not...there are options to update the driver in the driver tab.

  • patfredpatfred Posts: 1Member New User

    I tried this and it says OK for USB1.  My problem is that when I press the ICON for bringing up Crystal Eye the screen comes up and then disappears before I can do anything.


    I tried and downloaded program from Acer Website.  Program still won't copen up.


    Any help would be appreciated.

  • dkm0926dkm0926 Posts: 1Member

    I just purchased a acer all in one 5600 U and the acer webcam is not working. At first it said in use by another app. It now says it cant access webcam-any ideas?


  • nicecat64nicecat64 Posts: 12Member

    I have an Acer Aspire laptop 5250-BZ669.The Webcams on the Windows Live Movie Maker and  the TOUT ones work,but the Crystal Eye Webcam doesn't.I would press the Start button.I have on the left-hand corner a list of items including the Windows Live Movie Maker and the Acer Crystal Eye Webcam.I press the Crystal Eye Webcam icon for it to come on.I would get a message saying that the Webcam  has stopped worrking properly.I get another message saying that Windows is trying to find a solution to the problem.Below it ,it says Close message.Why is it doing this?

  • 171171 Posts: 1Member
  • MisterStretchMisterStretch Posts: 2Member

    This is the second Acer laptop I've had that has had problems with the Crystal Eye Webcam functioning.


    Normally after a few months, it sh** the bed and no matter how many of those weak Suryin drivers you install it never works again.


    I'm tired of this *****.


    I want a solution to make the camera work. 


    I paid for it to work...and each time, it craps out.


    My next purchase will not be an Acer, if I can't have a simple solution to this problem. 


    The cam works fine...and the next day...*****.  Sometimes it comes back, like a ghost...and then *****.


    C'mon Acer.  Surely you can do better than this?

  • MisterStretchMisterStretch Posts: 2Member

    You need to specify what operating system you are working with.


    None of the "places" you describe are available in Windows 7.


    If your "help" is for Windows 8, then you need to say that.

  • Rich24hRich24h Posts: 1Member

    Hi all, first time on forum so apologies for any “newb” errors. Hopefully this fix will work for some of you.


    The problem I had was that a message appeared saying “acer webcam not found” when trying to load the crystal eye webcam software.


    To fix it, first download the latest acer crystal webcam application from the acer support site for your machine. Do not install yet, it wouldn’t let me anyway as it could not find the webcam needed to install.


    Second, open the device manager by going to control panel – device manager, or win7 users can type device manager in to the start menu and it should appear.


    Third, the webcam is tied internally to the usb ports. Expand the Universal Serial Bus controller tab and locate the USB Root Hub. There may be more than one. Right click these and disable them. A warning may appear that a restart is required but only restart when you have disabled all the USB Root Hubs in the menu. Unfortunately, this may disable any external usb keyboards and mice so beware.


    Forth, Restart the machine and go back to the device manager and back to the USB Root Hubs, Right click and enable them. Right click again and this time click scan for hardware changes, just in case.


    This process brought back the webcam to the device manager list and I was then able to install the latest version of the Crystal Eye Webcam software and use the camera! It appeared under an Imaging Devices tab further up the list in device manager.


    Not sure why this worked for me, im guessing it had the same effect as unplugging and plugging it back in, as if it was an external device.


    Not sure as to why it went in the first place, I did install a virtual usb port for a remote office application that could have affected it but im not sure.


    Hope this helps. The image below shows the device manager with the webcam and the usb root hubs (when fixed).



  • nicecat64nicecat64 Posts: 12Member

    To get the Acer Crystal Eye WebCam working again,here's the solution:Click Start.Go find Acer Recovery Program.Go to Acer Recovery Program.It will take you to Autorun.Go to Contents.Find Acer Crystal Eye WebCam.Click on the  install.It will take you to Install Shield.Do what the instructions say.I thought about it as a guess.I guessed right.I tried the Crystal Eye WebCam.It works.I got my WebCam back.

  • adambestadambest Posts: 1Member

    Thank you. This worked a treat. Problem only started happening after I setup a new wireless mouse. Thank you!

  • DaveVDaveV Posts: 3Member

    When i tried the above fix, th Instalshield gave me a "Device Not Detected" error.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  • nicecat64nicecat64 Posts: 12Member

    Dave V, I'm sorry to hear about the InstallSheild not working for you.If you tried the Acer Recovery Management and still can't get your WebCam back or you tried going to Control Panel and get your WebCam back ,you can take your computer to either Staples,or Best Buy,or where you got your computer.Any of them can examine your computer to find out what's the problem with your WebCam.Staples can examine your computer for free(if you have a Staples store).I'm sure the stores will take a look at your computer  for free.If there's a problem with your computer,ask for an estimate on how much it will cost to get it fixed.I think Staples charges $40 for the repair.

  • jeremypb2000jeremypb2000 Posts: 1Member


    i have acer aspire 4339 crystal eye 3.1m webcam window 7 x64. what i did i retore my computer back to factory settings which then i lost the 3.1 webcam application and driver. My computer works and the virus are gone however my webcam is not there i did see the driver installed during process  of factory settings. i was told to go to acer recovery program to install the driver/application instal shield but when i did download it and installed it that after it was done it say cannot find webcam device. Now i did another thing by going to the universal bus contoller and i expanded it to disbale the 2 usb root hub and i restarted my pc. I did enable it both usb root hub and and scan for hardware changes no webcam was found I restarted my computer and look in the device manager still no webcam.I saw in the device manager a 2 generic usb hub and tried to disable them and went back to the usb root hub and disablem them too. I restarted my computer and went back to the device manager to the usb controller and the the generic usb hub enable them and scan for hardware change. i did the same thing to the usb root hub enable them and scan for changes. after all that i look at the device manager no 1.3m webcam or no webcam at all so i reboot it to take affect what i did and still webcam was not found. Im really lost now I dont know whether theirs  drivers for the webcam is in my computer. I even went to techrena.net and downloaded a sunyin 5.25.3 application webcam open it up and put it in my computer and the software was on my program but when i click on it and it tried to open up it still says no webcam device found. im pretty much lost now. CAN ANYONE HELP ME.


  • nicecat64nicecat64 Posts: 12Member

     jeremybb2000,did you go to Control Panel before you did anything else? If not go to Control Panel  and look to find that webcam.If it's not there,go to techrena.net support.They can help you with getting your webcam back.If it's there,uninstall it.Then look at my instuctions  again.If nothing works,then take your computer to either Best Buy,or Staples,or hh gregg or a computer repair shop.They can help.

  • RichardWRichardW Posts: 3Member New User

    Hello Rich24H,


    I had been trying for several days to get my Acer 5536 webcam to work again after a recent Windpws 7 upgrade. Fortunately, I came across your suggestion to disable and then re-enable the USB ports. I did this, one after the other without shutting down my machine, clicked the scan for hardware changes as suggested and I am delighted to say the webcam is working again.


    I suspect you may have stumbled upon the one solution to many Acer webcam problems but I have rarely seen any reference to the USB port link before. Many thanks to your persistence in finding a solution and publishing your findings.


    Best regards,



  • nicecat64nicecat64 Posts: 12Member

    Good for you,Richard W. I'm glad  that your Webcam is back to working again.If you have any more problems with it,go to Acer Recovery.

  • emccarthyemccarthy Posts: 7Member

    how do you disable and reenable the usb ports? I'm having the same issue with my webcam

  • nicecat64nicecat64 Posts: 12Member

     emccarthy,did you try InstallShield? If you did and the Webcam doesn't come back,try Acer Recovery Management.Any of them can help  you with yourUSB  situation.

  • emccarthyemccarthy Posts: 7Member

    I did a full recovery and nothing...when I go to the HDWebcam in the Device Manager, right click ...

    Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)

    To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer.


    I don't know what installshield is...????

  • nicecat64nicecat64 Posts: 12Member

    emccarthy,go to InstallShield.com.Or go to Acer Recovery Management.Any of them can help you get your Webcam back.InstallShield  is a device that can help you get your Webcam back.It's sometimes called InstallShield Wizard.

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