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My computer volume is really soft. How can I turn it up?

I just bought a new Acer Aspire.  I love it except for the volume; it's really soft and we can only hear if it is absolutely quiet n the room.  Is there some thing wrong with the computer or is there a way to turn it up?


  • TabbiekatzTabbiekatz Posts: 760Member

    Try the FN key and the up arrow to see if that works.

  • PandoradeanPandoradean Posts: 4Member

    That's interesting . . . I just bought a V5-571P and the volume was low when I first played a DVD.  I tried using the <FN> key and the arrow up key (per the Acer User Manual) and it did not work for me.  So, I used the touchscreen and the little picture of the volume control came up and I was able to increase the volume that way.  But isn't it supposed to work when using the touchpad and that key combination?

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