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How to disable edge swipe (charm bar from right) on E1-570? - Windows 8.1

asp5536asp5536 Posts: 5Member

Hi, I recently purchased an Acer E1-570 and after only a few hours, this charm bar appearing whenever I go near the right hand side of the screen and go back left just appearing all the time is driving me crazy.  I've looked up how to disable it, but on my ELAN settings, I have no option for "edge swipe". I have the option for the other things, but not that vital one.


Any help? Any at all. Please!



Best Answer


  • brummyfan2brummyfan2 Posts: 5,141ACE Pathfinder

    Which version of driver you have? try Windows 8 driver or similar, you can also try version ( for E1-571 but might work).

  • asp5536asp5536 Posts: 5Member

    Thanks for the reply, it's:


    Driver Version: ETDWare PS/2-X64



    Do you have an idea o fhow I can get the one you suggested? Sorry, I'm not the most computer savvy person in the world ha

  • asp5536asp5536 Posts: 5Member
    Accepted Answer

    Ok, never mind.  I finally found out how to sort it. I made it so I could see all options on the touchpad settings (some were hidden) by using this:





    Wroked like a charm!

  • brummyfan2brummyfan2 Posts: 5,141ACE Pathfinder

    Glad for you, well done.

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