acer aspire v5-552P wireless problem

rhowe33 Member Posts: 1
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My wifi on this model see's the wireless network I want to connect to but will not connect while other devices in the house have no problems. I have the most up to date driver (I even tried to roll it back to a previous driver to see if that would fix the issue but nope), I have reset the wireless router and unplugged it as well for 5 minutes and reconnected it. Nothing.


Tried a slew of troubleshooting idea and nothing is working.


Are there any suggestions?


Thank You


FAQ & Answers

  • Acer-Tommy
    Acer-Tommy VIP Posts: 6,317 Seasoned Specialist

    What message/error do you get when attempting to connect to this particular network?

    Is this network encrypted?  If so, with what protocol?


    It's very helpful to share what troubleshooting you've done, and the results, so that we do not attempt to have you try those same steps again.

  • t3cktonic
    t3cktonic Member Posts: 1

    i have the same problem but i have noticed that it's affected by my proximity to the router. If I'm within about 10 feet it works just fine. Outside of joy. I've tried this with 3 different networks at 3 different locations and have the same result.

  • dmb
    dmb Member Posts: 2

    All, I had the exact same issues and was suggested by Acer professionals to reinstalled the wireless driver.  I'm providing the link to download it at the bottom of this post.  Once downloaded, open the file, select Install_CD folder, scroll down to the bottom and you will see the setup "APPLICATION" file.  Double click it and there will be another window that opens asking if you would like to modify, repair, or will want to select modify.  When it is finished (about 3-5 minutes depending on your machine), you will need to manually restart your system.  Hope this helps!!! 


  • jamie2jorde
    jamie2jorde Member Posts: 1
    My acer v5 won't connect to my house wifi or other house wifi's but will connect to my phones hotspot. When I try to connect at home it keeps saying cannot connect to network when I ask it to troubleshoot the problem it says I haven't tried an available connection. Then when I go back to my connections list my connection now has a red x on it
  • dmb
    dmb Member Posts: 2
    Try "forgetting" your home nerwork and then search for the network again and see if that fixes you problem. If not you may have to replace your wifi antennas. ..which are incorporated with your screen
  • CasonRacin
    CasonRacin Member Posts: 1

    i have this same exact issue for the most part. But mine only started having this issue after the hard drive failed and i had a solid state put in along with the windows 10 update at the same time. it will say there is a signal and connect to the wifi, but it wont access the internet unless i am with 15 feet of clear space, no walls. Sometimes it doesnt even pick up a wifi signal. I have 3 laptops, a wireless desktop, and three smart phone in the same house, and this is the only one having a issue. ive tried forgetting the network and reconnecting. I ve tried command prompt resolutions. Ive tried looking for conflicting ip addresses, i am not knowledgable enough to set up ip addresses manually. A network specialist i know just told me to get a usb network adapter, and that should solv connection issues and strenghten the signal aswell.

  • yabba20
    yabba20 Member Posts: 1

    For some reason the qualcomm card cannot recognize encryption 'TKIP'.  Your AP or router has encryption for 'AES' and 'AES+TKIP' or something like that, turn off the TKIP and then you should be able to connect.

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