Who has upgraded the RAM in a Nitro 5 AN515-58? This can use DDR5 or DDR4 right?

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Hi all, a few questions:

  1. Has anyone successfully upgraded the ram from 16 to 32gb for this specific model? I have Nitro 5 AN515-58 - this exact configuration.
  2. If so, can you please share exactly what RAM you used?
  3. A side note: This can use DDR5 or DDR4 right?

Many thanks for any responses, especially from people who have successfully done the upgrade. I'm in India and can't return RAM after buying, so I want to be sure.

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  • StevenGen
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    The Nitro AN515-58 laptops Acer does NOT recommend DDR5 - 260-pin SODIMM type ram and ONLY recommends DDR4-3200MHz CL22 - 260-pin DDR4 SODIMM type RAM, below is what Acer quotes for this laptop in their service guide:

    But you can do the Crucial System Scan or you can look at your laptops scan here: Acer Nitro 5 515-58 RAM & SSD Upgrades Crucial quotes 64GB as this laptop is compatible with 2x32GB CL22 DDR4-3200MHx type ram and will work 100% its guaranteed by Crucial with their Crucial 64GB Kit (2 x 32GB) DDR4-3200 SODIMM at these specs DDR4-3200 • CL=22 • NON-ECC • SODIMM • 260-pin • 1.2V • 2Rx8 • PC4-25600, also you can see the 32GB kit specs as this guide is very accurate and works 100%.

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    Thank you for the helpful reply Stephen. Much appreciated. I wonder why they are shipping it with DDR5. I think I can still expect good performance- perhaps even greater stability as well - with the DDR4.

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    If you have this laptop, you can check what type of RAM memory you have in the laptop using the CMD command prompt:

    1. Launch the start menu by clicking on the Windows logo or pressing the key with the same icon.
    2. Navigate to the "Search" option or begin typing "CMD" immediately after expanding the start bar.
    3. The system will find the appropriate tool, which you then need to run. You can do this using the cursor or the Enter key as usual. CMD is a tool for entering commands, under which the relevant processes or tasks are hidden.
    4. Enter the command "wmic memorychip get speed." Press Enter and you're done.
    5. Enter the command "wmic memorychip get SMBIOSMemoryType" Press Enter and you're done.

    Under the entered command, the clock frequency of your RAM will be displayed.

    or with a more elaborate command

    "wmic MemoryChip get SMBIOSMemoryType, Capacity, Speed, Configuredclockspeed, DeviceLocator, FormFactor, Manufacturer, Serialnumber, Partnumber"

  • Saikomur
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    Hello @StevenGen!

    Could you please tell where did you find service guide? I want to check if this RAM will be compatible with my laptop.

  • StevenGen
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    The AN515-58 ram SG information is only available to ranked members, and copies of these SGs can't be passed on, sorry. The Corsair Vengeance ram is an overclocked ram so it will not work with your AN515-58 laptop. The AN515-58 laptop is compatible with DDR4 and DDR5 type ram, so be aware of that.

    This is the DDR4 listed ram for the AN515-58 laptop SG:

    Note: the AN515-58 laptop is also compatible with DDR5-4800MHz type ram. Update the bios to the last version 2.10 for your laptop and fit the Supports DIMM Speed - Up to DDR5-4800MHz type ram and forget about the DDR4-3200MHz CL22.

  • Saikomur
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    @StevenGen, are you sure my model supports DDR5? There is information on the product page of my laptop model, that system memory technology is DDR4 SDRAM.

    If it is the case, then is there any information about DDR5 RAM models that my laptop will support? I am more confused now to be honest :D. Maybe I should just buy this Crucial Kit.

    Anyway thank you very much for the answer! You really saved me from buying the wrong RAM Kit, and I am not from the US so I couldn't return it.

  • Sorry Saikomur, as I should have included your Nitro AN515-58 DDR4 memory specs too, as the Nitro AN515-58 has two different models that either take DDR4 or DDR5, your Nitro 5 AN515-58 that only operates on the max DDR4-3200Mhz CL22 mainboard Memory has mainboard platforms numbers LA-L973P/LA-L974P_DDR4, see the specs below.

    The Nitro AN515-58 mainboard platforms LA-L992P and LA-L978P DDR5 only support DDR5-4800MHz, see specs above.

    AN515-58 mainboard platforms numbers LA-L973P/LA-L974P_DDR4

    AN515-58 DDR4 RAM memory modules that Acer recommends: