Chromebook C736 OS/Power Issues (Intermittent)

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We just deployed somewhere around 150 brand new 511 C736 Acer Chromebooks this year, and recently I have been noticing a weird power/OS issue.

When opening the lid, the Chromebooks will not power on, even after waiting 30+ seconds. They appear to be charged fully, but they will only turn on when initiating a powerwash. It does not have to be completed for the Chromebook to then function, because I usually power them off after this, then try turning them back on; however, this seems to be the only way to get them to become responsive.

With others, I have just reloaded the OS with a recovery stick, and I assume this fixed the issue, but I am not sure if this is hardware or software-related.

I know these specific Chromebooks do sometimes take a few seconds to load the ChromeOS splash screen, but for the affected devices, they would not even get to this point.

This has also happened with our HP 11 and 11A G8's, but to a lesser extent, and is usually related to a bad LVDS cable.

I have tried Googling this, but due to the wording of this, it was hard to find answers, and I have not seen any questions here yet about the C736's.

Thanks in advance!

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    Yeah, often Kiosk type apps really want the system to stay awake all the time, so don't deal with sleep easily.

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