Add a second SSD on Swift 3 SF314-71-562L Notebook Part: NX.KAVSI.002

LeonJam Member Posts: 2 New User

So I am buying Swift 3 OLED Notebook next week, It comes with i5-12500h, 16 GB ram LPDDR5, and 512 GB gen4 (m.2 nvme or ssd not sure,) of storage. The store person has said I can upgrade to 2TB of storage, they don't know much just basics for laptop details.

So I want to know if is there an extra slot for storage (m.2 nvme or ssd) that I can expand or I have to use the same slot for upgradation or not.

Coz I have done some research and found there are 2 slots, primary is gen4 and secondary is gen3, but their model number is different.

Find the link for product page ( ).

Would really help if I can get any update regarding the same.