An515-58 - cannot install Windows bcz BIOS does not detect any bootable USB device

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So recently i bought myself an acer nitro 5 as im going to go study abroad. I bought it with No OS thinking that installing any Windows would be a piece of cake as it had been before but not this time. Ive literally tried every method i know and after that tried every method on the whole internet. By saying literally i mean literally… the BIOS just doesnt detect any bootable USB devices (im using a flash drive). It doesnt let me change the UEFI mode to the Legacy one. First i tried the standard procedure with the microsoft windows 11 - didnt work. Tried the iso file with rufus - didnt work. Then I tried to do the same thing with windows 10 - both methods didnt work. Lastly i googled some EFI Shell commands to open the flash drive contents with the windows 10/11 setup in hope to somehow launch it but it doesnt detect anything still. Id be very grateful if anybody somehow tells me how to fix this.

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  • Hello! Enable f12bootmenu in bios. Then go to main tab, press ctrl+s and disable vmd controller. Then press f10 for and exit. Press f12 before the Acer logo and inform if the usb drive containing the windows iso is showing.

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    Better is to just put the iRST drivers extracts to a folder on the install flash drive. Then when you get to the place during the install where it asks you where to install, load those drivers and you drive will show up and work.

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    This may not be helpful but when I was struggling (still am) with drivers selection with the Win10 ISO usb drive. While in the install mode it asked if I wanted to "Format" my Win10 ISO usb drive. I''m assuming the drive is in some proprietary format so even if any files are added they won't be accessible.

    From what I've found any drivers need to be on a second USB drive but where anyone can find them and in what form remains a mystery. I'm stuffed if I can get it to work.

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    A Windows install flash drive doesn't use anything special in the format. It's usually FAT32 and the warning is actually saying it's going to wipe everything that used to be on the drive off in order to put the install image in it's place. Once it's been created you can access it just like any other Windows drive.

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    Hello, I just acquired my nitro 5 and I'm having the same problem. Did you solve the problem, if I may ask, and if yes how did you do it. Thanks

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    Do you also have a system that shipped from the factory without an OS installed? Those systems require some EFI shell commands to get the OS installed. If you just need to boot from a flash drive you enable the boot menu in the BIOS and then use F10 at boot time to get the menu, which will include the flash drive on the list.

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