Nitro AN515-55 Acer Care Center Doesn't Apply any of the Settings for Startup Programs

ptolemy2002 Member Posts: 4 New User
edited July 2023 in Acer Software

When I open the Acer Care Center application and go to the "Tuneup" tab to configure my startup apps, I can change the values associated with each startup program, aside from a few (such as Microsoft Onedrive), which appear to be locked. This isn't much of a problem, however. My problem is that when I go to restart my computer, none of the changes I made appear to apply. And, if I open the Care Center app again, all the settings seem to be set to default. I've noticed that, even if I merely close the app and re-open it rather than entirely restarting my computer, the settings are still reset to default. Other settings, such as capping my battery charge at 80%, persist just fine - Only the startup app settings have a problem. How can I make my configuration changes persistent?