Acer Swift X SFX16-51G SSD too hot the SSD temperature reaches around 80 degrees Celsius

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Every time my laptop gets out of hibernation, the fan starts running at full speed and the SSD temperature reaches around 80 degrees Celsius, measured by CrystalDiskInfo (and sometimes Intel Octane Memory and Storage Management also gives a warning notification).

During this period Task Manager reports that some programs are using more CPU, such as Intel Octane, Google Drive or Windows Indexing, but nothing very high (around 30% CPU).

I've read in other places that the normal operation temperature of a SSD is usually between 30ºC to 65ºC, and that higher temperatures may decrease the lifetime or damage the SSD.

I already bought a cooling pad and tried to raise the laptop from the surface, leaving air below, but the problem remains.

I'd like to know what can I do to solve this problem.

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  • brummyfan2
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    Could you please post the model name, number and the size of the SSD, also tell us whether the SSD has any thermal heatsink attached.

  • Puraw
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    Consider adding a SSD or replacing your SSD for a SATA-3 M.2 SSD like this WD Green.

    The WD green will run 6 times slower than the SSD you have now but uses far less power (and much cooler) your SSD does not have a heat sink to the two fans so will always run hot. The WD SATA-3 Green will be your boot drive with the OS loaded.

  • jaafonso
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    The SSD is SAMSUNG MZVLQ1T0HBLB-00BTW 1024,2 GB. I don't know if it has a thermal heatsink. It came as shipped by the manufacturer. The laptop is Model: N20C13.

    The laptop is new (6 months) and is inside the warranty (2-3 years). I don't like having to open and replace components to correct errors from defective design by Acer myself.

    What I'd like to know if I have to worry with these temperatures, what is the expected lifetime of the SSD given this problem and what can I do increase the lifetime.

    I already removed all the bloatware and have a minimum number of required programs running on startup. However, the fan speed and the SSD temperature frequently rise too much whenever the CPU utilization goes above 30%.

    I'd like to know also if the Intel Optane program is necessary or if I can remove it.

  • brummyfan2
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    Answer ✓

    Yes, Samsung modules run slightly hotter than other brands but still it should be around 70°C, you could remove it, wipe the pins with a soft cloth without damaging the pins and reseat it and see whether it helps, it's a OEM PM991a SSD so it will be fine with 80°C because others have reported similar Samsung SSD running at 84°C.

  • It seems to refer to the ssd 980 pro. Have you tried updating the ssd's firmware?

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    You state that you have removed the bloatware, which might have included apps like Acer Care Center that could have utilities to throttle the SSD access when it's too hot. You might also have left portions of the default antivirus installed, which tend to generate a lot of disk activity especially once the demo time has run out. Use Resource Manager to see what's getting the disk activity so high when the temperature is up.

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  • jaafonso
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    I located the closest vent to the SSD drive and placed the cooling pad fan right below it.

    The temperatures have been inside the normal range since then.