problem with video card in laptop ex215 53g and it doesn't recognize it and I can't configure.

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Good evening, I have a serious problem with the nvidia geforce mx330 video card in my ex215 53g laptop, it doesn't recognize it and I can't configure it, can anyone help me? thank you

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  • billsey
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    What does Device Manager show for Display Adapters? Your Extensa 215-53G should have the MX 330 listed there. Check to see which driver version is running as well...

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  • umtsup
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    It is listed and installed, but for some reason I don't understand I can't select the graphic when configuring the screen. It's very very rare. The laptop is new and no screen appears connected on the nvidia panel

  • AnhEZ28
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    @umtsup can you post the screenshot of the problem that you are having?

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