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Hi, I'm new to the community and looking for recommendations on software and a powerful desktop where I can learn how to make the interiors of the house. Recently my sister gifted me a car, it was a heart-touching moment, and from that point, I decided to design her dream house that she always wanted. I'm fully determined and looking forward to learning the software. What factors should i consider when buying a desktop, configuration, and other things.

Please advice me.

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  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 27,776 Trailblazer

    Your first consideration will be in the choice of software, and there are a lot of options. Once you know what software you will be using you can look at it's recommendation for the hardware. When you know that we can help pick the proper model and configuration.

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    Hey as long as the transaction is structured properly. OP didn’t mention a spouse so I didn’t get into the weeds, but if a couple buy a $25K car for their niece, and one person writes the actual check from a joint account, then the 709 would still technically need to be filed to indicate the gift was split between spouses.

    If the OP’s contemplated gift will be in excess of $17K and from a couple, I would suggest reading the gift-splitting rules in Part 1 of the instructions to Form 709, here: Instructions for Form 709 (2022) | Internal Revenue Service.

    Even if you want to to the exact methods then I found 2 resource links that will help you out

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    Thanks for responding. My neighbor told me to buy 16 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard disk SSD, a 24-inch monitor, AMD graphics, a pen tab and a pencil; he told me the configuration but didn't tell me about the price. After reading your answer, I'm a little bit relieved now, first to decide on the software and then proceed further.

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    Yes, you still need to decide on the software. I wouldn't pay for the tablet and pen unless you are already really comfortable drawing by hand. Most interior design packages I've played with over the years worked really well with a mouse and used stock objects rather than custom designs. If you are comfortable with drawing and the software supports it, then the pen and tablet option can work well. Otherwise the specs are workable, though they might be a little light. 32GB of ram and a 2TB SSD isn't a big push in terms of cost and can make a difference in terms of the overall performance. My eyes are just bad enough that a 24" monitor is a little small for detail work, 27" or 32" is much nicer, especially if 1440P or 4K. I have two 28" (one 4K, one 1440P) and a 27" (curved 1080P for gaming) on my desk right now. Nvidia or AMD graphics is really a moot point, see what the software calls for with specs. Some CAD programs like the cards designed for CAD use and don't like the more common gaming cards... I'm running a Predator PO5-640 with 32GB of memory, the Nvidia 3080 GPU, a 1TB SSD, a 2TB SSD and a pair of 8TB HDDs and CAD is a breeze.

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