Acer veritron all in one z4660g black screen after loss of power during bios update

John144John144 Member Posts: 4 New User

I lost power during a bios update.. truly the worst scenario, how do I proceed for bios recovery , right now screen is blank no bios, and how can I find the proper service manual for this model because on the driver page the manual downloadable there lack content and even refer to another more complex and complete manual wich isn't listed at all.

I did a bios recovery many years ago with another laptop, I tried renaming bios file on a fat 32 USB to amibios.rom and holding alt+f10 but no success

Please help me out

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  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 42,482 Trailblazer

    If the BIOS chip is still able read a FAT32 formatted USB stick, you might be able to re-flash by unzipping and running the Windows BIOS EXE executable on another machine to further decompress the EXE executable to reveal further sub-folders with the binary flash file. The binarry file you're looking for may have a .ROM or .CAP file extension.  Rename BIOS ROM file to RCVBOOT.CAP (for example R01-B3.CAP to RCVBOOT.CAP).

    Copy the RCVBOOT.CAP to an empty FAT32 formatted USB stick preferrably with an activity LED. Insert the stick. Turn the machine on to see if it'll start reading stick. You may hear a long & a short beep. A menu may or may not appear to start the flash process. Watch the USB LED activity light. It should keep flashing for about 3-5 mins. Once activity ceases, shut the machine off. Remove the stick. Try to turn it on again.

    Jack E/NJ
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    Just in addition to the above and if the above doesn't work or you don't know how to do a bios recovery. Take your Z4660G AIO to an experienced technician and get him/her to completely reprogram/reflash the bios chip with a BIOS - CH341A Programmer tool and software that needs expertise to do. Otherwise, the whole bios chip needs to be replaced with a new programed chip. These are the solutions for a bricked bios chip that its power source should never ever be turned off in a middle of a flash, as the chip is still functioning, but its data is corrupted and that is why the PC doesn't boot. Good luck and hope this helps you out

  • John144John144 Member Posts: 4 New User

    Many thanks for your answer I proceeded like you said but seem to be unsuccessful, the USB is not being booted.

    The bios was updating when it crashed but it was very close toward completion I'm pretty sure it's possibly a config issue because these all in one pc seem to share their motherboard with alot of other models with few variations

    Do you know if the USB flash drive should have a specific name ? , is there preferred usb ports to plug it in usb2 or 3? No keyboard shortcut to press while booting to load the usb ?

    Thanks again

  • John144John144 Member Posts: 4 New User

    Thanks for the input, I'm a cellphone technician so I'll likely attempt to reprogram the chip myself if needed but I won't give up hopes of an easier method just yet ! By any chance can one of you two fine gentlemen provide me with better documentation for this precise model? The very simplistic "manual" available on acer download page for this model lack alot of information and the manual itself makes a reference to a better more detailed one that supposed to be available but is not there.

  • StevenGenStevenGen ACE Posts: 6,716 Pathfinder
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    If you are experienced then reprograming the bios chip with the BIOS - CH341A Programmer and hardware is a very easy and simple step, that is why I had to WARN other inexperienced users as this forum does not allow and/or encourage any guides on programming or passwords changing methods due to security reasons and misuse. Good luck and hope you sort this out.

  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 42,482 Trailblazer

    You should try all the USB ports. USB label shouldn't matter. You can also try pressing and holding FN+ESC. then turn on the machine. This FN+ESC flash method of encouraging the BIOS to read the stick seems to be common for most ACER laptop boards

    Jack E/NJ
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