Aspire 7 performance issue.

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Hello everyone. My laptop doesn't seem to be running at full capacity for me compared to my previous laptop. With the purchase of a new device, I do not feel a strong increase in performance compared to the old laptop, and in general, in some moments it works worse than the old one. For example, in the Minecraft game, the game works in an empty world at about 100 fps with 2-15 chunks (frames do not change), but in places where people have already visited, the fps can drop to as much as 40, and what can we say about shaders...

I have already changed and reset the quality of minecraft many times, nothing helps. But I noticed one unusual thing, when the game is opened, it mounts +-20 percent of the video card, but if you minimize the program, it is already more than 40, and even from the a couple of seconds when game is opening, you can see that the fps is 2 times higher.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Aspire 7: Ryzen 5 5500, RTX 3050 4 GB, 8 RAM, SSD 500 GB

Nitro 5 (old laptop) : Ryzen 5 4600, GTX 1650 TI 4 GB, 8 RAM, SSD 256 GB

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    Just to inform you a bit more, as your Aspire 7 should handle Minecraft easily on Win-10 (it is problematic on Win-11) please tell us, what OS are you running? As this laptop should run this old game without any fps problems or losses, as your laptops specs exceeds way beyond what Minecraft's recommended comp specs should be. There are allot reasons why users PC don't run properly on games and software, and imo yours sound like your laptop is not setup properly as one of the major reasons is, your Windows Update, AMD drivers and Nvidia graphics drivers are not up to date, which is a big factor especially with an AMD cpu laptops.

    Before you start to install new drivers, make sure that you disconnect the internet. You need to uninstall all NVIDIA drivers and also look in Control Panel for NVIDIA drivers also and uninstall those too. Use the new NVIDIA RTX drivers "uninstalls previous NVIDIA drivers" feature, which uninstalls all the previous RTX NVIDIA drivers and you do a clean install of the NEW RTX driver. There is aloo another NVIDIA/AMD graphics uninstaller called DUU that is also a great uninstaller, and you also have to use that software off the internet too, so look at this software too as its important to uninstall all previous RTX drivers properly. After you do all this make sure you do the following:

    1. Run AMD Ryzen™ 5 5500U Drivers & Support and make sure that the latest AMD drivers are up to date.
    2. Install the latest RTX-3050 GeForce Game Ready Driver Version: 516.94 WHQL driver
    3. Then Download GeForce Experience latest Version that has the Gameplay Screen Recorder and Optimizer settings to run Minecraft at its best settings on the RTX-3050 gpu or you can specifically setup the RTX-3050 settings through Nvidia Control Panel by doing this: Settings>3D settings>Program Settings>Select a program to customize>Minecraft> and make sure that its set to High performance Nvidia processor> then look here for best settings at “Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings: FPS & Performance” and set the Minecraft settings to that.
    4. You can also “DOWNLOAD MINECRAFT WITH RTX” which is an additional NVIDIA feature of Ray-Tracking for Minecraft with RTX on Windows 10, as in real life, global illumination brightens blocks, emissive pixels illuminate the world, water reflects the environment, shadows are cast accurately, and rich physical materials add realism to your world.

    As far as hardware is concerned, I would increase the Aspire 7’s ram from the OEM 8GB to 16GB (look at this link to the Crucial Scan for a 517-42 or 42G that specifies all the ram for your laptop) which can have a max of 32GB total ram at Crucial 32GB Kit (2 x 16GB) DDR4-2400 SODIMM - DDR4-2400 • CL=17 • NON-ECC • SODIMM • 260-pin • 1.2V • 2Rx8 • PC4-19200. In your case and the most economical way is to just add 1x 8GB ram module (install CPUz and see at Memory & SPD sections your OEM ram specs) and match the additional and new 1x 8GB ram module to the exact OEM specs to give you a total of 16GB memory and in dual channel that is much better for gaming. As all the above advice should set your Aspire 7 up properly as imo that is what is wrong with your laptop. Good luck and hope this helps you out. 

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    I have Windows 10 and all drivers are updated (the video card now has Geforce Game Ready 516.94 drivers (I have already changed the driver versions for the video card to older and more stable ones, it did not change anything)). And in the Control Panel settings, I also set minecraft to run with maximum performance.

    I updated the drivers for the processor, and a very funny situation happened, after the update, minecraft for some reason started to run from the video card from the processor, so the fps became better than when running from the RTX 3050 xD.

    By the way, I have attached a screenshot that shows how the load of video card changes when Minecraft is minimized (1) and opened (2)